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If you received my newsletter yesterday, Wednesday, April 18, you already know what I’m going to say.

In the week my monthly newsletter goes out, I won’t also post a blog post. Lots of folks found the two confusing.

So, if you do not already get the newsletter, here’s the link for the April, 2018 edition.

If you look at it in your browser, you find a place to sign up to get an email when the newsletter goes out. It’s in the top left corner. Since I’m not entirely sure how that works, would you also do me the big favor of sending an email telling me you want to receive the newsletter. I will manually add you in, if I don’t get a message from Mailchimp you’ve signed up.

So that’s all from me on the blog this week. I’ll always post the newsletter link here on my blog on the week it goes out. Love to hear what you think about the newsletter. You can just hit return to send your message. 🙂


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