Summer Vacation

After-all, it’s the end of June almost July. What else should we talk about?

Do you always take a summer vacation? Are you seeking to get away from the heat or find heat? Are you a water person or do you search for the mountains?

I know I usually put these questions at the end of my posts, but they seemed to fit at the beginning, hopefully you’ll still respond. 😊

My family did not take summer vacations while I was growing up. With my father in the Air Force, we traveled when he was transferred. Only twice can I remember taking a trip to visit my mother’s family in South Carolina and it was when my grandmother was ill.

We discovered family vacations when our kids were young. Frankly, it was keeping up with the Jones. 😊 Their friends were going someplace, why weren’t we? (Spring break vacations were the same thing.)

Our first summer trips were to the beach.

IMG_7102Yes, we have beaches in Texas. Galveston was the first trip. Then we discovered Corpus Christi. In fact, trips there would became an expedition with stops in San Marcos for tubing, IMG_7103 Aquarena Springs with the mermaids (which Bob enjoyed) and swimming pigs (which the kids loved) and San Antonio with paddle boats IMG_7100and museums on our way to Corpus.

In Corpus, besides the beach, one of the most fun things was eating at Captain Boomers, a restaurant on a boat. Good views, fun vibe, and super fried fish. (This was before we went to grilled fish most of the time.)

 IMG_7101 FullSizeRender(10) Repairs after a wave. This pic illustrates why I really have to pack things up and send to Legacy Box

Then we had the years when we went to the mountains—Red River, New Mexico. I’ve written about this charming town before. On one of our August visits, things were so hectic back in Fort Worth, I didn’t want to return. I found a small shop to buy and figured Bob could get a NM lawyer license. Obviously, we didn’t do that, but those feelings morphed into my first published book, VERMONT ESCAPE.

IMG_1573 Where we stayed. Bob had a generous client who allowed us to use his condo.

IMG_5785 From a recent trip. Love the trees. On one of the trips to Red River, our older daughter sprained her ankle, we spent a lot of time driving around, and both girls took turns using the camera to take movies of the scenery. Ground Hogs of Red River and Trash in Red River.  The last was in reaction to anger at seeing people throwing stuff out of their cars! I feel that anger today when I walk Charley and we see sacks, cans, and cups people have rudely tossed. Several times a week, Bob carries a sack and collects the garbage.

We aren’t going on a summer vacation this year, but we’re going to Maine in the fall. So excited. Hope to be able to take the whole family there for our 50th Anniversary in a few years.

In looking for pics, I realized we also went to Six Flags every summer, the kids did swim team, cheerleading camps, and regular camps. And we’be been blessed to take trips at other times of the year, too.

Tell me about your summer vacations. Questions are all at the top. Love to hear from you.

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4 responses to “Summer Vacation

  1. When the kids were still at home, many of our summer vacations were to visit our families, which included lots of time at the beach at Lake Michigan. We also went on trips throughout the year because we explored the states we lived in: Texas, California, Washington State, Idaho, Colorado, Wisconsin.

    This summer our months are booked. I don’t even know when I will find time for writing. Next week is a family reunion. The following week we are going to North Dakota because it’s there. (After this year the only state we won’t have visited is Hawaii.) Just about every week or weekend there is something. I guess I must like to get away.

    With just Bill and myself, our “big” trips are usually in the spring and/or fall. Less vacationers then.

    Marsha, I enjoyed your post and wonderful photos.

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    • Hey, Susan. That’s quite an accomplishment to have been in all the states but Hawaii. I’m guessing there will be an island vacation in your future. You are busy, lady. Yes, I like fall vacations, too. Glad you liked the pics. Fun to look back. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Loved your post and photos, Marsha! Great memories. When I was a child we often went to the seaside in north Wales. There is a fabulous, really long beach there called Hell’s Mouth. It rains a lot in Wales, but it never seemed to rain when we were on holiday. When my children were young, we took them to the same beach for several years on the trot. We just sat on the beach all day, ate our sandwiches, built sandcastles and swam in the sea. It was great fun.
    I’ve always wanted to visit Maine in the autumn. It looks gorgeous. I hope you have a wonderful time. Look forward to seeing your photos!

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    • Hey, Helena. I have a good friend who spent two years in Wales, many years ago. With the least effort she drops into that accent. It’s so cute. I’ll have to ask her if she knows Hell’s Mouth. Terrible name for what sounds like a beautiful beach. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂

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