July 4, 2018

How did you spend the holiday? Were you off? Did you have to work? Did you have a big cookout with friends and families?  Did you listen to patriotic music? IMG_2052

Way back in the day when I was a soap opera fan, I always thought the holiday celebrations were the best. Small town. Picnics. Large families getting together. Good eating. Not always with a Happily Ever After, though. LOL

Yesterday, we had a smaller group than usual. One of our daughters, her husband, and daughter were in Orlando visiting Walt Disney World for a dance competition. (I was shocked to hear they had discontinued the parade of lights. That was so spectacular!) Other friends who usually attend are on a Mediterrian River Cruise. But nine of us had a great time.


We went easy/peasy with fried chicken from Churches and ice cream. Other parts of the meal were provided by our guests. One gal always brings deviled eggs. One has a dynamite guacamole. Great beans, , watermelon, potato salad, and luscious chocolate cookies.  Definitely good eating. 😊 IMG_7125

We had a great time together, blessed with slightly cooler temperatures–96 rather than 103 and lower humidity. The wind blew making it really pleasant. We could hardly believe our good fortune. Bob found a radio station that played patriotic songs and marches. Such stirring music. We listened all day.

Our grands had fun in the lake, which has made us a popular place to come especially in the dead of summer.

We don’t discuss current events at these gatherings. People have strongly held, divergent views. Better to keep the friendship, and besides we won’t convince the other of a different way of looking at the world. Are your families like-minded? Or not? Are you able to have civil discourse?

Fortunately, in this country, we are still free to speak our minds, to write our Senators and Representatives. Whatever your perspective on what’s going on in our country, I urge you to interact with Congress. Let them know what you think of how they are running our country. Keeping our country a democracy is the responsibility of all of us. MP900341744

I wish a belated Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends. I love that we have these similar holidays so close together.  Canada Flag Public Domain

VERMONT ESCAPE is 5 years old on July 19. (So hard to believe!) To celebrate, I’m putting it on sale for three days for $.99. There’s a great July 4th celebration described in this book. I’ll share the link as we get closer. Please tell your friends. Vermont Escape 300dpi (3)

Love to hear from you.

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2 responses to “July 4, 2018

  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the Fourth. I winced at 96 degrees. We, on the other hand, had temps about the same as yours and high humidity. I did not put my nose outside the door yesterday! Such a wimp. Our kids had to go to out-law parties, so we were glad to stay indoors and rest after our long trip. We’re having the family over on Saturday to celebrate July birthdays and I’m looking forward to a menu of good food like you had for the Fourth. We don’t discuss politics either. I like you encouraging us to interact with our national congress and state reps. I do read their FB pages, but hardly ever actually leave a comment or write a letter. Wish I could go out my back door and dip my toes in the lake, but it’s a bit farther away thank yours, and too hot to get out!! I’ll just crank down the A/C. LOL–


    • Hey, JC. I bet you are still recovering from you wonderful trip, but glad you had a bit of a respite. These vacations we’re fortunate to take, don’t leave us much down time and rest up time is needed afterwards. You guys are really having unseasonable temps. So sorry. I’m so grateful for our AC. (I’ve never heard the “out-laws” term. LOL ) Enjoy your BD celebrations. Thanks for stopping by.


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