Summer Time Fun

You may have read me grousing about the temperatures on Facebook. Up until Tuesday of this week North Texas has been baking with 109, 110, 112 temps, cooling at night to the 80s. Not much cooling.

Finally, a cold front came through. The weathermen explained that we don’t have “cool” fronts even though we dropped only 10 degrees. The amazing thing is how much cooler 100 or 99 feels compared to those higher temps. We’ve been almost delirious with the change.

Most Wednesdays this summer, I’ve brought my granddaughter Sarah home with me from her mother’s Pilates studio. We hang out and play games, and then my other daughter comes with her two kids, Nelson and Lilly, and we have lake time. It was lovely yesterday. The breeze was almost continuous with the temp around 99.IMG_7188 Nelson & Sarah with boogy boards

IMG_7189 Giant pad something of a pain to put out and pick up, but kids love it.

IMG_7190 Lilly is holding “Chris,” the dragon fly, on her hand as she swims out to the pad.

Afterwards, the grands requested that Mimi make popcorn. I make excellent popcorn if I do say so. My grandson has Riegert genes for sure. My father always made popcorn, and I made popcorn when the kids were growing up. Now Nelson’s mom makes popcorn, but I’ve heard they really like mine best. So what’s a Mimi to do?


Of course, I made popcorn, but I didn’t get to eat any. Nelson has a hollow leg, and he ate three bowls while the girls and my daughter only ate one. LOL I love to see how genes work in families. IMG_7196 IMG_7194 Guess I should clean off the counters before taking pictures. LOL

So have you gotten to see extended family this summer? Are they in town or do you have to make trips? Are you baking where you are? Love to hear from you.

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5 responses to “Summer Time Fun

  1. Marsha, your summer sounds wonderful! It’s so great your grandkids live close by and really special that you get together with some of them every Wednesday.

    We had a family reunion over the Fourth of July and just took care of Corbin for a week. We’ll visit both sons in August. We did bake today. The high is supposed to be 68 degrees and so we made chocolate chip cookies, chocolate raspberry muffins, my favorite. Bill is making an enchilada pie for dinner. We’re taking advantage of the cool temps. It will get back into the 70s after today and reach 80.

    I hope summer drags. 🙂 I so loved seeing your photos and hearing about your summer.

    P.S. I love popcorn also. 🙂

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    • Hey, Susan. Having a grandchild for a whole week is different than just for a day here and there. Way more responsibility and planning. Your Corbin is a little doll, too. Love that your temps are so low, you’re baking! Even when you warm up, I’ll still be envious. 70s and 80 are like our early spring temps! We are suposed to get a break and fall back to the upper 90s next week. Can’t wait. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  2. I perspire just reading about your hot weather there! Whew. So much fun with your g’kids and so many precious memories made at your lakehouse. I never realized how quickly they grow up. I’m facing 2 grandsons graduating high school next spring. I don’t understand how that happens. Where does the time go? So hang on to those summer days with your kids. Before you know it, they’ll be working in summer and then moving on to school. Of course, i’m not getting old!! Enjoy!


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