School Begins or Almost

Chalkboard with words "back to school"

Has school begun where you are? In Texas most private and public schools have begun. Y’all know I have invested lots of years in public education, both as a parent volunteer and a paid teacher/administrator. I’ve been retired now for 11 years. That number blows my mind. How is that even possible? Well, I retired in 2007. This is 2018. There you go. My math skills can even figure that’s 11 years. So, I’ve been writing about 12 years with 6 published books.

Because I spent about 4 years as a substitute teacher, every August my dreams revolve around not knowing where I’m going. I can’t find the school. If I find the school, I can’t find the classroom. If I find the classroom, there are no materials. (All based on real experiences.)MP900341522

After becoming an administrator, my dreams switched to not having completed the staff evaluations in the appointed time. Any time I get stressed, these are the repeat dreams I have.

As you know, I’ve put off getting Book 7 completed to do volunteer work at my church regarding, moving out of our old building, setting up in a temporary place, and remodeling the new place. So, for the first time in many, many years, this August I haven’t dreamed the traditional school stress dream. Now, they are all about buildings in various stages of disrepair. I think I’m relieved. 🙂

IMG_5437 The church from which we’ve moved.

But let’s talk a bit about education. I confess I have a bias toward public education, but I recognize every parent must make the best decision for her child. Fortunately, public schools are offering more choice opportunities. Let me encourage you to do everything you can to support teachers and schools. Education is our most valuable strategy for getting people out of poverty and for developing thinking, caring citizens. (Good parents help, too.) 😊

For the last couple of weeks, our church has been gathering supplies to present to the teachers at an elementary school we have a relationship with. The supplies are provided so when kids don’t have what they need: paper, pencils, crayons, tissues, etc., the teacher doesn’t have to dig into her/his own pocket. That’s what teachers do. Several years ago, the state of Texas granted a stipend to teachers for that out of pocket expense, but the legislature discontinued it after only a couple of years. If you live near a school, I encourage you to take supplies. They will be very welcome.



Outside the school in which I was principal for 5 years. Lots of good times here.

 My younger granddaughter, entering first grade this year, attends a neighborhood school with a great PTA. They have one day a month that’s a play day after school. The PTA provides popcorn and water and the kids have a ball. They do other things, too. I’d just never heard of this event, and what I witnessed when I picked up Sarah was just really cool.IMG_7285

My other two grands have been in private school and are now attending a home school consortium. They are in a classroom setting two days a week. My daughter teachers them the other three. I cannot think of anything harder to do in the world than teaching your own kids. But I know lots of folks choose to do that. I’m glad there are so many supports out there to help them.

Whatever parent organization is at your local school, please join.

Have you ever been a teacher? Did you volunteer at your kids’ schools? What’s one of your favorite memories of school—either your own days or your kids’ days? Are you a private school person, home school, or public school? All teachers need our support. Love to hear from you.

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7 responses to “School Begins or Almost

  1. My school days are over. Yeah! Although they continue to get certified in their respective fields. #1 and #2sons attended the local elementary school. #2 moved to a Vanguard Academy which literally rocked his word. He thrived. #1 went to the local middle school which was not as great as it could have been. (Possibly overcrowding issues?) They both went to the local Catholic high and then on to complete college.

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    • Hey, Vicki. I think it’s important that you did what was best for each son. Sometimes treating are kids differently is the way to go. In my experience, middle school is a killer for everyone. The kids are flipping back and forth between grownup-ish and baby behavior, and that changes within a minutes time span. LOL Keep us on our toes for sure. My bet is you were an active parent in whichever school your boys were. Thanks for that and for stopping by. 🙂


  2. I can so sympathise with your stress dreams, Marsha! You drew a great picture. It made me laugh! I’m glad you’re not having to go through all that any more. When I was working full-time I had stress dreams about the home – forgetting to buy food, or getting to the cash register and having no money. What a relief it is to wake up sometimes 😀
    Hope you are able to get back to your writing soon.

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    • Hey, Helena. You know, it’s just hard to do it all: work wife, mother, volunteer! We had tough financial times many years ago and I remember that dream about getting to the checkout counter and not having the money. Had forgotten. Makes me really appreciate where we are. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  3. I volunteered at my kids school from nursery school when they were three years old to middle school when my youngest son told me to quit volunteering at his school. 🙂 I also worked and went back to school during that time and received a computer programming degree.

    Funny, one of my repeating dreams was I was working as a public health nurse and I never got paid, because I didn’t fill out the time sheets. I’d have to walk up flights and down a long corridor to my supervisor’s office and ask for my pay…lol. This is just one of a number of dreams I repeatedly have. 🙂

    I always enjoy your posts, Marsha.


  4. Enjoyed this post. You know I still get the urge every fall to get in the classroom, and I haven’t taught school since 1974. Well, I did some subbing after selling the flower shop in ’95-96. Teaching is in my blood. My grandmother and mother were teachers. In fact, I had my mother for my teacher when I was in second grade! I taught third grade until daughter Sara was born, then we bought the flower shop. And yes, I taught classes at the shop on flower arranging. As a writer, I’ve presented workshops on writing life stories and creative writing. But at the moment, I’m teaching my granddaughter how to get along in the world…probably one of my most difficult assignments! I no longer have dreams about teaching, but I have a recurring dream that I’m in college and I have lost my schedule of classes. Yes, it happened to me my freshman year. And I’m not going to tell you how long ago that was! Hope the move to the temp church building is done and all of you are getting settled in for awhile.


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