I’m writing this post on Tuesday, 9/11/18, seventeen years after the terrorist attacks on our country. I wrote about this event in last week’s post,

 but I’m hard pressed to think of anything else today. photo(71)

The bells ring.

We experience moments of silence.

The names of just less than 3000 people lost are read.

And I’m sad.

God bless all who lost friends and loved ones and managed to carry on. God bless all First Responders and the ordinary citizens who helped. And helped with no regard for who they were helping, no matter how different they might seem from the helper. As so many have said, in many ways, this tragic event brought out the best in all Americans.IMG_4017

And then we’ve got Florence bearing down on the North and South Carolina coasts, due to hit Thursday evening. And again, we see ordinary citizens pitching in to fill sand bags, working with government and First Responders to be prepared for what could be a devastating natural disaster.

So today, I want us to focus on our family and friends. Remember to say, I love you. And to say it often. Overlook whatever petty behaviors bother us and accept each other in all our uniqueness. Show love.

Stop Hatred rainbow

Whatever your special passion is, act on it.

What are you passionate about? What causes do you work for? Where do you give your money and time? Love to hear from you.

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6 responses to “SHOW LOVE

  1. I seemed to be more aware and emotional about 9/11 this year than I have in previous years. I don’t know why. Perhaps because my grandson signed up for the Navy after he graduates from high school this spring. I am proud of him and his desire to serve his country, but I will worry about him being in harm’s way with this choice. Your post about love reminded me of the verse in Corinthians 13:13–And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. Thank you for this thoughtful post.

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    • Hey, JQ. I agree, I felt sadder than I have in a few years. Maybe because the date fell on a Tuesday. Good for your grandson. I know his work will bring you worries, but serving in the military is a noble profession. And you’re right about Corinthians. I don’t think I consciously thought of that when I wrote the post. I was just so caught up in the idea of my husband walking out the door and not ever seeing him again. And certainly that could happen to anyone anytime, but the anniversary highlights that fear. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


  2. This is a wonderful post, Marsha. I put my time and dollars into helping the poor. I’ve volunteered at our Free Clinic for 8 years and give to charities that help the children, the poor, the down and out. There is a lot of injustice out there.

    What am I passionate about? I am most passionate about my family and we constantly express our love. ❤

    I hope there is never another 9/11 in our country. I wish there wasn't anywhere, but I know that will never be the case.

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    • Hey, Susan. For me the volunteering and giving money helps assuage the guilt I feel that I have it pretty good. Oh, we’ve both worked really hard for all our lives. Bob still does, but we are incredibly blessed both in our family and how we live. You’re right–lots of injustice. If we can make a difference in one person’s life, that’s a valuable contribution. Love the pics of your sweet family. Thanks for all you do and for sharing.


  3. Such a hard day. I have so many memories from afar and from being there. A woman clinging to a chain link fence surround the site, sobbing uncontrollably. The steel girder fashioned into a cross. Handsome remembers the horrid smell. I felt lucky to be with my men on vacation last week. Lots of good laughs and good memories.

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    • Hey, Vicki. I think it’s so important for us remember. There’s a whole generation of folks now who have no memory at all of that time. We have to keep telling our stories. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


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