Wonderful Maine

So excited to tell you about the Maine trip, I almost forgot to mention that I’ll be at the Fort Worth Book Fest  at the downtown Tarrant County College campus this Saturday, Oct. 20. Please stop by. 

We are so blessed to have been able to make several trips to Maine. This year was especially wonderful because Bob & I had been especially busy and stressed before getting out of “Dodge.” We went to a new place for us—Belfast, Maine. You can’t get to Maine from Fort Worth easily. Even flying, it takes pretty much a whole day. We flew out of DFW on October 4 at 10:30 and stopped in DC to change plans for a flight to Bangor, an easy to get around in airport. We saw our first leaves, which was the purpose of the trip.

 IMG_0060_Moment This was on the beach below our cottage.

Our charming cottage was right on the Penobscot Bay with great views of the water. We were so happy there.

IMG_0069_Moment IMG_0067_Moment We lit the fire often. 

The tides going in and out, changed the beach from not much to huge—really awesome. IMG_0084_MomentWonderful sounds of the birds and waves. This is what peace is.IMG_0087_Moment

We picked up soup at the Hannaford Grocery store for the first night. That’s my new, favorite store, all kinds of yummy prepared food.

Friday, we drove the two miles into Belfast for shopping and a lunch of lobster rolls. Also, one of the reasons for going to Maine. They just aren’t as good anyplace else. IMG_0075_Moment

Saturday, we drove south to Camden IMG_0208 Gorgeous trees everywhere.

to see about going out on the Schooner Surprise, the ship we’d gone out on for our 40th Anniversary trip. It was full, so we booked for Monday. Then we drove on down to Rockland and took in the Farnsworth Museum and its collection of Wyeth paintings. Really amazing museum and we followed that up with incredible blueberry ice cream cones. Too busy eating to take pictures.  Supper that night was back in Belfast and pizza at Rollie’s where we met a couple from Pennsylvania who’d just bought a place and moved up there for parts of each year. Lucky folks.

Sunday, we drove north looking for wild blueberries with a stop at Bar Harbor, another of our favorite places. A cruise ship was in the harbor and the town was packed—well, it was Columbus Day Weekend. Many folks in New England refer to this holiday as Indigenous People’s Day. We ate outside on the patio of the Bar Harbor Inn. The schooner was booked, or we might have gone out on it again. IMG_0132 IMG_0133

Monday, found us back at Camden for the wonderful sail on the Schooner Surprise. This was an entirely different trip that the previous one. It was supposed to be only 56 degrees and with the wind blowing on the bay, I expected it to be really cold! It was when we went out in June! But this was a very calm trip. The ship never tipped at a frightening angle like it did before. I didn’t even wear a life jacket. Lovely harbor. Fun to hear about the people who are lucky enough to live in giant homes along the bay. Small world story: we ran into four women from East Texas who were visiting New England. One of them was from the area where Bob’s family originally came from. Hey, Linda, Lynda, Joyce, and Betty. 🙂

 IMG_0177 IMG_0168

What’s your favorite place to visit? More about our wonderful trip next week in the newsletter. Make sure you’re signed up.

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6 responses to “Wonderful Maine

  1. What gorgeous photos, Marsha!! So happy you and Bob had a wonderful and peaceful time. And your views, filled with leaves of red, yellow and orange and water. Beautiful water. 🙂 Looking forward to next weeks posts.

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  2. Wait a minute. Did you say “The ship never tipped at a frightening angle like it did before.” Ummm, that sounds scary to me! You are a water person going back out on the schooner knowing about that frightening angle. But I’m sure it’s a safe trip and perhaps the captain was just making it an exciting trip!! Lovely views of water and land and gorgeous leaves. So glad you had such a wonderful trip to Maine. Looking forward to reading more about it in the newsletter.!! I shared.

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    • Hey, JQ. The wind on that first trip was intense, and the ship was at about a 45 degree angle. I hung on tightly. One of the ladies from East Texas we met on this trip said she was surprised I came out a second time after the first experience. Bob really likes to go out on the ships, and I’ve discovered the “sea bands” which you ware on your wrist and they keep you from getting sea-sick. They help, too. And you can just see so much from the water. It makes it worth it. I saw you shared. Thanks so much and for stopping by. 🙂

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  3. Helena Fairfax suggested I came across to read you blog It is great, I love your photos.. I was in this area – on a cruise ship – just the week before! I loved it. Bar Harbour was certainly one of my favourite places. We went on an Ollie’s Trollies Tours around the Acadia National Park.


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