Between Times

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our family did despite our younger daughter being sick and missing the day. She came on Friday to hang out with our nephew and niece and their daughters from Wichita Falls.  Her sweet daughter shared the flu with her mother and me. Now I had a flu shot, so I’m expecting to bounce back quickly. Right now, it’s been almost a week. ☹

IMG_0456 I didn’t eat this entire plate.

I’ve used this title before, but it’s appropriate for where we are. Between times refers to this time between celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas.  A whole extra week of November after Thanksgiving. Some of you already have put up your Christmas decorations. We have not. Our Fall/Thanksgiving decorations are still up as I squeeze every last bit of joy from this holiday. Our trees have cooperated, and we’ve ultimately had great color.

IMG_0463 From our walk with Charley.

Assuming, I’m feeling good enough Saturday, the transformation will take place then. Now remember, we’re in a small lake cottage, so it doesn’t take much. Putting up the lights on the fence is the most time consuming. Our tree is small, and I can handle it on my own. Unlike my mother who put some piece of Christmas in every corner of the house, I just do the family and dining rooms.

It also references my older daughter who is packing and moving her family from their house of about ten years in the neighborhood in which she and her sister grew up to temporary quarters while their new house is completed. I had planned to help with this process, and I did one day’s worth but haven’t been able to be as involved as I’d hoped. Not feeling like doing anything and not wanting to make my grands sick. Fortunately, her mother-in-law has been able to step in.IMG_0440

Our church is living Between Times as we sojourn in temporary quarters while our new place is remodeled. A little like the Israelites wandering in the desert, except we know exactly where we’re going. We are just unsure when we’ll get there.

I’m in Between Times with my last book. Finishing checking for over-used words before sending it to five Beta Readers. Hoping for a March release. I’m chomping at the bit to start a brand new story. Don’t know what that will be, but I have lots of ideas floating around in my head.

Today is the last day for the $.99 sale for VERMONT ESCAPE. B & N and KOBO will automatically go back at midnight. I’ll have to personally go in and adjust the price on Amazon and iTunes, so in reality you’ll have a day or two more on those. Please tell your friends.

Vermont Escape 300dpi (1)

After the murders of Jill Barlow’s husband and then her father, she flees to Vermont, but the Texas gambling syndicate believes she’s hiding damning evidence against them. To get it, they’ll kill again.


B & N


 & iTunes

Did you eat too much on Thanksgiving? What was your favorite part? (Mine was playing games with our cousins.) And eating my pumpkin pie which was every good as my mothers, if I do say so myself. IMG_0447Are your Christmas/Hanukkah decorations up yet? 😊 Love to hear from you.

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4 responses to “Between Times

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you and part of your family have/had the flu.
    Our house is decorated for Christmas other than a silver Christmas tree that I put in our sunroom. It snowed overnight. We are looking forward to getting away soon from the snow and cold.

    My favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal was my blueberry/raspberry pie and then having the leftovers for sandwiches or another complete Thanksgiving meal. I always eat a lot at Thanksgiving. My favorite part of Thanksgiving was being with family and we loved an extended stay of my son who lives four hours away.

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    • Hey, Susan. Good for you for already having your Christmas decorations up. I’m hoping to feel well enough to attack the job on Saturday. I agree, the left-overs may be the very best of the meal. 🙂 I’ve seen you’ve had snow. Our temps are hitting in the 70s for a couple of days before dropping back into the 50s. Glad your son was able to be there for a longer time than usual. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Thanksgiving exhausted me this year. My feet hurt! So bit by bit, Christmas went up and all I have left to do is buy a tree and decorate it. The annual girlfriend trip is this weekend and I can’t wait!

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    • Hey, Vicki. You get a real tree!? We used to, but then we discovered the real tree, as wonderful as it smelled, is what kicked our older daughter’s allergies into high gear. I miss the fun of looking for the perfect tree, but the this is simpler, and I like simpler these days. Good luck tree shopping and thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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