I’m sticking with this theme because when we arrived back home from Wichita Falls after attending Bob’s brother’s funeral, we were hit with the news of the loss of a very dear friend from church.

While the visitation, and the funeral service, and sharing with our family was comforting and very special, receiving this news has been crushing. I’ve been in a blue funk, so deep and minding blowing, I’ve done stupid stuff. Left my keys in my car and the car unlocked when I dashed in to the grocery store for a few things for supper last night.

Now this may be something you commonly do, but I do not. I searched the store figuring I’d put them down while looking at something, all the while knowing what I do is put them in my pocket. They always go in the pocket right after I lock the car. Somehow, I failed to do that yesterday. I was stunned when I turned the handle and the car door opened. It should’ve been locked. They were on the floor in the back where I’d dropped them getting a bag. Not like me at all.1-29-14-Stripped-BareOf course, I was also waiting news of a health test. Without knowing the results, I faced my own mortality, which I think we always do when we lose a loved one. Finally, I got some control and realized if the test came back positive, I’d probably return to every 6 months test, which I did for several years, until I got several negatives. Got the results Wednesday, and it’s okay. I’m still on the annual test. I’m grateful, but this sort of stuff makes you look closely at your life and decisions.3-23-16-The-world-reels

It also turns me toward sources of comfort. Many times, on my blog I’ve shared Donna Bearden’s Mandalas. Here’s her link: You can click on the contact section to request receiving them in your own email.

She makes me think and brings me comfort. I’ve put several here for you. Always sad to lose a loved one or friend, but especially so in December.

Live life fully. Tell your family and friends you love them. Do for others. Love your work. Stick together. Then we have a chance to beat back the darkness.


I’m hopeful for no more bad news and for a more upbeat post next week, which will be the December Newsletter. Have you started, finished your shopping? What about decorating? Always love to hear from you.

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14 responses to “GRIEF!

  1. Dear Marsha,
    Be kind to yourself as you go through this period in your life. Grief affects us all in different ways. When I read your blogs, I see the wonderful, caring person that you are. May God bless you and hold you a bit tighter in his arms through this time.
    Elena Colli

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  2. I totally understand about you leaving your keys in the car, Marsha. It’s strange, but grieving is really, really tiring. You don’t have to cry for hours and hours every day – it just is exhausting as it is. I admire your positivity. Death is a part of life, and we that are left go on. I hope you are able to enjoy the togetherness of your family over the holiday period. Best wishes to you xx

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    • Hey, Helena. I like your description of grief–really, really tiring. Yes, it is. Even if in your head you know you’ll pass through because you have other times, still your reality just gets messed up. Thank you for your kind comments. I wish you a wonderful holiday, too. Thanks for stopping and sharing. 🙂


    • Hey, Kerry, what a nice surprise to hear from you. Yes, this will be lovely. I think of y’all every time we walk Charley by your house and send a little prayer. I know you have a lot on your plate. Thanks for the kind words about my writing. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  3. I remember being just exhausted for months after my parents passed. After the initial few days to sort things out and deal with it I continued to work and look after my family but I’m sure I did all kinds of strange things in the first couple of months. And things I’d never noticed at work before stuck out as if encased in neon lights. Be kind to yourself and let yourself enjoy the season as much as you can.

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  4. Thinking of you. I don’t remember being exhausted so much as being numb. I felt like I was observing life and not caring if I got involved in anything. That was a year ago and I’m back into life again. Still hurts, but now I can feel the hurt and not turn away. Prayers for you and your family for peace.

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  5. Marsha, I checked to see if you wrote a blog this week and I must have check too early.

    I’m sorry about your scare. I’ll pray for you. I’m glad things came back positive. What happens in life IS so unexpected. Live much. Love much.


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