Book Signings

Do you go? Before I became an author, I confess that I didn’t. I couldn’t imagine an author wanting to meet me, the reader! I think that falls into the category of me stating vehemently I’d never get on Facebook. LOL

So now as an author, I gotta make sure you, the reader, understands how important it is that you contact authors whose books you read. You can do that by writing reviews of their books. You can follow on blogs like this one. You can attend their book signings.

I have one coming up on Friday, Feb. 15. I’ll be at the Haltom City Public Library with other romance writers. We’ll be celebrating with roses, chocolate, non-alcoholic champagne (which is pretty good stuff), and of course authors and their books. NOR18 Ignore the date on this graphic. It is Feb. 15, 2019.

There is almost always a chance to win goodies and to get to know the authors better.  A number of us read from our books. I’m thinking about reading from the 4th book in the Second Chances Series. You know the one that’s not released yet. The one I haven’t sent to my editor yet. The reality is that ACT OF SURVIVAL hasn’t released. Really hate that. I’d hope to have it for A Night of Romance at the Haltom City Public Library on Friday. Then I thought, well, I’ll have it for the end of March at the Ball Park in Arlington—Home Run Author Event with tons of all kinds of authors. But that probably won’t happen either. 19656936_476731269342365_1418256805927195545_n

Home-Run-Author-Event (1)

I’ve discovered (from an author friend) the feature on our computers that will read your book to you. Let me tell you this is awesome. This is even better than my reading it to myself. The guy reading doesn’t know what I meant to say. He just reads what’s typed on the screen! Very helpful. I’m halfway through and then will send to my editor. So, just because it takes a certain amount of time for these things to get done, I’m now looking at April. ☹

My fault. No one else. My choices. It is what it is.

I need to look through Book 3, ACT OF BETRAYAL to see if I can find a good section to read aloud. Twice I’ve read from Book 2, ACT OF TRUST, which does have many good read out-loud sections. We get a lot of repeat attenders at A Night of Romance, so I really need to read something different. Act of Betrayal 333x500

Anyway, I hope any of you who are in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex will consider driving on Friday evening to Haltom City to support a bunch of romance authors. It runs from 6:30 to 8:30. The address is at the bottom of the graphic above.

Love to see you then and love to hear from you.

Happy Valentines, y’all!  IMG_0796

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    • Hey, Susan. Hope you’re having a great day, too. Yes, the libraian at the Haltom City Public Library just does a super event for her people. Always fun. I’ll share pictures soon. Thanks for stopping by.


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