Book News!

I’m excited to announce that ACT OF SURVIVAL, Book 4 The Second Chances Series finally releases April 16, and right now it’s available for Pre-Order at Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and KOBO. Unfortunately, you can’t get a Pre-Order at Amazon.

Act of survival 300 dpi

Here are the links:

B & N



This is the first book I’ve done entirely through Draft 2 Digital. Aside from the Amazon Pre-Order glitch (apparently, Amazon won’t take D 2 D releases on Pre-Orders!), I’ve been happy with D 2 D. They’ve been quick to respond to my questions. (And you know I’ve had some.) LOL

Last Saturday I was at the Ball Park in Arlington for a Reader/Author Event. Really lots of fun. Well organized. (You know I liked that!) 😊 A ton of wonderful folks signed up for my newsletter. (I hope some of you have found my blog, too.)

IMG_0954 IMG_0965

Besides meeting new folks which is always good, I got to spend time with friends from the North Texas RWA chapter that I’ve belonged to for over 11 years, even serving as president. I was pre-published at that point, and the support of those folks helped me keep on keeping on when I considered quitting. Nine of us attended, but this pic showed the field.

Friday, Bob, Charley and I head down to Bryan/College Station, Texas for the Brazos Valley Arts and Book Festival at the Brazos Valley Expo.

2019_FlyerWe’re looking forward to visiting with old friends who used to live in Fort Worth and meeting new folks. This event is sponsored by Texas Authors, Inc. I won’t have print copies of the ACT OF SURVIVAL for this event, but I will have my new Bitty Booklets. You know what those are. My small fold outs with words from the book, social media contact info, pics of all my books (7 of them now) 😊 Laron Glove with Ninth Moon is amazing to have gotten all this info in book Bitty Booklet.

April 10, 11, & 12 SECOND ACT, Book 1 The Second Chances Series, will be on sale for $.99 along with a bunch of authors from the Seasoned Romance Facebook Group.  Sale AprilThe heroines must be at least 35. All of mine are in their forties with one turning fifty. I hope you’ll check out this group and find some new authors to love. I’ll post this again here, on FB & Twitter.  I’ll probably send out my newsletter early in April to spotlight this sale and the book release. Watch for it and you know if you’re not already signed up, you can do that on my website.

I’ve been kind of heavy with book info here lately, much more than usual. Once the book is out, we’ll back to more regular type of topics. 😊

Have you paid money to go to a book event to meet authors like the one I attended last Saturday? What are some things you need have to help in your decision making about whether to attend? Authors, why do you decide to participate? Love to hear from you.

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