Book Release, Celebrations, & Storms

After what seems like forever, on Tuesday, I got to celebrate the release of my 7th book, ACT OF SURVIVAL, Book 4 The Second Chances Series. I think the story of the abused wife will unfortunately ring true for many readers. Here are the links if you didn’t get a chance to pre-order.


B & N



Act of survival 333x500

Love the back of the book. It’s got the blurbs from all four books and silhouettes of four women.


Still working on getting a print book. Despite sending me a print copy of the book to okay, which I did, Amazon said, “Oh, there seems to be a problem with your cover.” I wrote them back and said, “No, there is no problem with my cover. I’m holding the book in my hands.” Then they said they’d get back to me by April 23. I told them that was unsatisfactory. I haven’t heard back. ☹ Hoping to get print books so I can have them for a book signing May 4th in Wichita Falls, the setting for the book. Can you spell FRUSTRATING?

Anyway, I hope if you read ACT OF SURVIVAL and enjoy it, you will take a moment and leave a review or two. Authors live and die on reviews. Doesn’t have to be long. A couple of sentences will do, just why you liked the book. Thank you for all the Facebook and Tweets about my book on Tuesday.

Tuesday night I had a church session meeting and the clerk, Karen Landon, surprised me with a giant cookie to celebrate the release. IMG_1013

An opportunity is coming June 8, I want to tell you about. BOAS & TIARAS is a reader/author event I’m participating in that takes place in Allen, Texas. I’ve not attended this before, but I’ve have heard good things about all the fun the readers have. You get to dress up–as in wearing a boa and/or a tiara. Personally, I love that idea. I look good in a tiara, and who doesn’t love a boa? Hope I can find one in turquoise. 😊

Here’s the link for tickets, which are $50.

Check out the link for more info on the event. The ticket gets you food & drink, all kinds of goodies and swag. You sit at an author’s table. Hope you will select mine.:) Each author has special goodies on top of those for the guests at the author’s table. I’m working on ideas and will let you know here as soon as I’ve got it figured out. In the meantime, why don’t you go ahead and put this on your calendar, buy your ticket, and let me know to look for you.2019 Boas Attending Graphic

I hope many of you stopped by N N Light’s blog Tuesday. Here’s the link for it. Please take a minute to post a comment. Thanks so much.

Now, I’m writing this before the storms come in, but the forecast is for baseball size hail early this evening. That is giant size. Anything getting hit by those will get severely damaged. I’m fortunate to have a garage, but I’m going to take time to move in some plants and rearrange the lawn furniture. Straight line winds are expected to be 50 to 70 mph. Of course, maybe it will miss us, but this storm is not one to take for granted. Thinking, “Oh, the weather forecasters get it wrong most of the time.” is not advised. I’m not willing to chance this is the time they are right. And really, aren’t you grateful when those severe storms don’t materialize as forecast? I always am.

Friends and family tease me because I’m a bit of a worry wart where the weather is concerned. I was in high school in Wichita Falls when a big tornado hit out by Shepherd Air Force Base. (No not the giant one in the 70s.) Still this was scary. So, I listen to the weather, and I send updates to the family to make sure they know they need to take precautions.

Are you cautious about the weather? Do you pay attention to what the temps will be or whether its going to rain? I have friends who never give it a thought. Have you ever attended a Reader/Author event where you had to pay to attend?

Hope I can update tomorrow that the storm fizzled. Apologies for this being another book related post, but I went over a year between releases and I’m playing catchup. We’ll get back to serious stuff soon like the Paris fire. Have you seen the cathedral? Love to hear from you.

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6 responses to “Book Release, Celebrations, & Storms

  1. Congratulations, Marsha!! Happy Book Release! I wish you all the best . And good luck with printing Act of Survival.

    BOAS & TIARAS sounds like a fun event. I can picture you in both. 🙂 Enjoy!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, Susan. Thanks. I appreciate all your social media support. I’m looking forward to wearing the Tiara. 🙂 Hoping to get the print up soon. Despite my cover artist following Amazon guidelines, they didn’t like something. Charlie has fixed it and I’ve re-submitted. Guess we’ll see. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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