Memorial Day 2019

 How do you plan to celebrate this U.S. holiday? We’ll have family and a few friends over on Sunday for a cookout. I remember watching soap operas as a college student and young mom. Those shows always had family gatherings around the various summer holidays, and I thought they were so fun. (Back then the story lines weren’t as way out as they later became.) So that’s been a model for what the holidays should be. I have no childhood memories of special celebrations around Memorial Day (Odd since my father was in the Air Force) or of Labor Day. Fourth of July was a big deal, but with fireworks, not so much a cookout with family and friends.

On Monday, we’ll drive to Nocona, TX to help celebrate our oldest great niece’s high school graduation. Congratulations, Addison. (I used her name for the heroine in Book 1 The Secoind Chances Series, SECOND ACT.)


This holiday in 2015, we bought our lakehouse but used it only for weekends, continuing to live in our house in town. We’d never lived on a lake before and didn’t know if we could adjust to such a smaller place. We just knew we loved the view. IMG_7127 A couple of years ago when the old boathouse was still standing.

IMG_6354 Lakes have waves! Who knew?


Because we found we didn’t want to go back to town on Sunday evening, we decided to move in full time. Then in spring of 2016, we sold our large home we’d been in for over 20 years and on Memorial Day weekend in 2016, we actually moved into the lakehouse after extensive remodeling.

It’s been one of the best things we’ve ever done. And so every Memorial Day, we’ve celebrated on the lake with family and friends, commemorating our good fortune and remembering those who gave their lives, so we can choose how we spend this holiday.

We can choose if and when and who we vote for in elections. We can choose to run for office. We can choose to be an activist for various causes. We can choose to do nothing. People died so we can have the freedom to choose. And for that, I’m profoundly grateful.

What’s your experience with Memorial Day? Do you visit cemeteries? Do you have cookouts? Is it all about the SALES? Love to hear from you.

Oh, let me remind you about Boas and Tiaras on June 8 in Allen, TX. Get your tickets here. I have some fun giveaways and a wonderful tiara. My boa is white and not turquoise, but it’s still cool. Love to have you at my table. b10e6-a5f296_4a6370b1de6d4264bdcce99b0113a268mv2

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2 responses to “Memorial Day 2019

  1. You have a beautiful lake home.

    We will be gone this weekend. On Memorial Day I plan to go to a nursery and get my tomato, basil, and other plants. There is a small parade here.

    When I was at home, we would plant flowers on our grandparents graves the weekend before Memorial Day. And before they died, they would have come over. We would have a cookout, there would be a parade downtown, and probably go to the beach. Every holiday was celebrated growing up. 🙂

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    • Hey, Susan. Thanks. Yes, we really do appreciate how blessed we are to live here. How fun that you do all this planting. I do minimal stuff in pots in front of the house. We are trying to get a sprinkler system put in though and that may encourage me to do more gardening. I think your practice of visiting the graves is falling away as people don’t live where they grew up or where parents/grandparents are buried. Nice you have those memories. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂


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