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Are you a reader? (I’m guessing you are, or you probably wouldn’t be following my blog. LOL) Have you ever been to a reader/author event?

As both a reader and an author I’ve been to several from local book signings to flying across country to Colorado to attend what was called RomCon for three years in a row. The first time I went, my first book hadn’t released yet, and yet people treated me as a “real” author. It was quite heartwarming. Because of that I returned for two more years.

photo (17)

MRW Iphone RomCon 6.25.14 422 “My First Fan” Rhianna Ulrich and her mom Elena Picardi Colli. So fun to be with you guys.

The Colorado event was quite expensive—not just the air fair and hotel costs. The various activities and advertising cost money for the authors. The theory being the author will sell a few books and more importantly pick up new readers. An added benefit was meeting in person authors I only knew from social media. Pic below is an add I put in one of the programs. MW_AD_3

I’ve been to several book signings around Texas which have been more and less successful. On June 8, I’m participating in another reader event. You’ve probably seen graphics on FB and on Twitter about Boas & Tiaras taking place in Allen, TX. Now I live in West Fort Worth. Allen is over an hour from here on a good day. (I’m seriously praying for no rainstorms.) But it shouldn’t be too bad a drive.

The event is put on by Fresh Fiction, an organization that helps connect readers and authors, which is a very good thing. This is the first of their events I’m participating in. b10e6-a5f296_4a6370b1de6d4264bdcce99b0113a268mv2

This event costs $50 for readers to attend. While this seems like a lot, it’s way less than the 3-day RomCon Event was. And if you went to a movie and ate out, you could be out almost that much money.

Attending will get you a great tea and a seat at a table hosted by an author or two. Each author provides goodie bags for the readers at her table. I have an awesome bag that will be filled with all kinds of cool things, including one of my books. There will be awards,  baskets to win, and a book signing.

So, here’s the deal. If you’re in the metroplex, I hope you will get your ticket and come join me for a great afternoon. Wear your Tiara (I love mine) and/or Boa and make an afternoon of it. The Tea begins at 1 pm and the event is over at 5. Sounds to me like this would be a great girls’ afternoon away. As always, I’d love to hear from you, this time about whether you can come, whether this is the kind of thing you’d like to see me do more of, and your experience with these kinds of events.

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