Anniversaries and Celebrations

I’m writing this on Wednesday (yesterday), which was mine and Bob’s and my 48th Anniversary. And yes, we really are that old. LOL But you know, I wouldn’t go back to those younger days for anything. We are so blessed where we are.

We’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities during our years in Fort Worth. Opportunities to serve, grow, and learn. We’ve been a member of Ridlgea Presbyterian Church for 47 years and treasure our experiences and our family there. (The congregation has certainly experienced changes over the years, but we keep on keeping on.)

Over the years, I’ve shared stories and pics of our daughters, SsILs, and grands. There again we are blessed. They live close and they like us. (Most of the time.) 😊

This pic was taken in our old house. 

FullSizeRender (1)

I know so many people who don’t live near there grands. I grew up that way and was always jealous of the cousins who just had a different relationship with the grandparents than did I.

Searching for a picture of Bob or one of us together to put on FB Wednesday morning, I couldn’t find many, but I found some good ones on my computer. At some point pictures will be really important to a remaining spouse.

From one of our trips to Maine.


We’ve had, it seems, an inordinate number of spouses die suddenly or with little preparation time. and that makes me very conscious of the tentativeness of our lives and makes me grateful for every breath we take and step we walk. (We still haven’t made the visit to the funeral home to make arrangements, but it’s moved up higher on my list of todos. 😊)

Bob & Charley at old house in big (for us) snow.


We celebrated this milestone with supper at the City Club one of my favorite places. I even splurged on wine, which I’ve cut out for the duration until weight and blood sugar levels are better. Lovely evening reminiscing over the 48 years and planning for the next 27 years. (We took out a 75-year lease with each other when we married. Plans are to re-evaluate at that point.) LOL

Sea bass, zucchini, and green beans.


Key Lime Pie And wonderful wine. Lovely dinner.


So how do you celebrate anniversaries? Do you basically skim over them? Do you plan elaborate parties with friends & family or trips alone? Or are you so busy with family, jobs, and volunteering that you kiss each other goodbye in the morning, say I love you, let’s stay married, and rush off to the next adventure?

I believe there are still a few tickets left for the Saturday, June 8 Boas and Tiaras in Allen, TX. Tickets are now $35, which is truly a steal for what all you’ll get. Here’s the link for the discounted ticket.


Hope to see you there and love to hear from you here.

Today is also the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. We must pause to give thanks for those brave soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom.img_4017

I have several great reviews on ACT OF SURVIVAL, I’ll share next week. Please post a review whenever you read a book. Authors live and die on those. 😊 aba4b-a5f296_32683c1fac28457c9b6d2f1976c55fbbmv2_d_1600_2400_s_2


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7 responses to “Anniversaries and Celebrations

  1. Happy anniversary!! We celebrate #49 on Friday, June 14. Everyone flies the flag for our anniversary. Oh, yes, it IS Flag Day too. I think it helps to get GT’s attention that it’s our anniversary. hee hee. We don’t make a big deal out of it–usually dinner out like you. Next year for #50 we are not having a big party because that is too much stress and bother. Perhaps we’ll rent a house on Lake Michigan and have the kids come up when they can. Laid back and easy. Have fun at the Boas and Tiaras!

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    • Hey, JQ. How fun that your anniversary coincides with Flag Day. I didn’t even know what Flag Day was until my 6th grade year in Massachusetts. School was never in session on June 14 the other places I was, but there, we went half days because of overcrowding, and so we went farther into the summer. I’ve thought about renting a house in Maine for us all. Of course that’s not as convenient as Lake Michigan is to y’all. 🙂 A SIL’s BD is Halloween. He tells us for the longest time he just thought everyone was dressing up to celebrate him. 🙂 Y’all have the whole country waving flags to celebrate your day. Thanks for the good wishes and stopping by.


  2. Happy anniversary to you both, Marsha, and thanks for sharing the uplifting post. You have a great attitude to life, and to death. I love the way you enjoy the present and your practical acceptance of what the future holds. Wishing you lots more happiness in the next 27 years! 😀 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey,.Helena. Glad you enjoyed the post. As we hear others talk of their situation, we are so conscious of what all we have to be thankful for. Friends are high on that list.Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


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