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I had a great time meeting new readers at Boas & Tiaras (organized by Fresh Fiction) last Saturday and will share more pics in my Newsletter next week. So, make sure you’re signed up. 😊

IMG_1269 Half a table scrunched my 7 books! 🙂

This Saturday, March 15, I’m heading east again. This time to McKinney, TX for a Texas Authors’ sponsored book event.  Check out Book Festival Network for an event near you. McKinney Church

Hope to see some of you in McKinney.

You’ve probably seen the news that Barnes & Nobel has been bought. Unsettling news for authors and readers. Either the new guy will straighten things out or the store will die. (My first e-reader was a Nook, so I would personally find this sad.)

That being said, I’ve recently come across several local, independent bookstores in town. This may be an opportunity for more locals to bubble up.

The first one my husband heard about. Leaves Book & Tea Shop is in the near Southside in a tiny shopping center. They have an eclectic collection of books and lots of very creative teas. (So you get the name—tea leaves and leaves of a book. 😊)

A second one I just learned about Saturday at Boas & Tiaras. It’s on West 7th not far from my daughter’s Pilates Studio. It’s called Monkey & Dog. Lot’s kid oriented stuff, but they have local authors do book signings. Hey, I’m a local author. 😊

The third new local bookstore has its grand opening on Saturday, June 22. Commonplace Books. It’s located on University in the WestBend area. The mother store is in Oklahoma City.

I wish all these local bookstores well. We need a variety of authors, books, readers & ways to read to get the most people reading possible. Our world will be a better place if more folks read.

Lastly, I want to share three reviews for my latest book, ACT OF SURVIVAL. If you’ve read the book (or any book), please consider leaving a review. They are so important. I’m so grateful to Janet, Susan, and Jo-Ann for these. Thanks, gals.


Act of Survival is my favorite book in Marsha R. West’s Second Chances series. The main character, Kim, is determined to leave her abusive husband who is a member of a powerful family. With the help and support of her good friends and a very cool lawyer, she makes the break, but fears for her life. I especially enjoyed the gentle romance that grew throughout the story between Kim and the lawyer. I applaud Ms. West for bringing awareness to domestic violence through this story. If you like suspense and romance, you’ll enjoy reading this book. Janet Glasner


Kim Dennison was an abused woman both emotionally and physically and her husband played a number on her head. Even though she was a size zero, she was often told she was too heavy, or she was too stupid to enjoy Champagne, etc. After Kim’s parents who were supported by her husband are killed in a car accident, she decides to get a divorce after decades of marriage. She wants to become responsible for her own life… to get a second chance at life. She does so with the help of her lawyer. The husband (and his mother) don’t want to disgrace the family with a divorce and try to prevent it from happening. A real page turner, Act of Survival is action packed and tension filled. Another great read by Marsha R. West. Susan Bernhardt


I loved Marsha R. West’s latest romantic suspense, Act of Survival. It’s a second chance story about an abused woman leaving her husband steeped in suspense and intrigue. I highly recommend it for readers who like suspenseful tales. Jo-Ann Carson


So do you have a favorite bookstore? Or do you only read e-books? Do you write reviews? If not, I hope you’ll consider it. You can see they don’t have to be long, just express why you liked a book. Happy reading. Love to hear from you.

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4 responses to “All Things Books & Bookstores

  1. Yes!! I made your blog, Marsha!! I’m looking forward to hearing all about Boas and Tiaras in your newsletter. Looks like you are finding lots of book/author opportunities! As you said, our world will be a better place if more folks read. Always enjoy your posts. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, Susan. Yes, things seem to come in waves. Of course, we both have books recently out. They’ll come a time, I won’t be doing much of this kind of thing and will hopefully be writing again. 🙂 Thanks so very much for stopping by and for sharing. 🙂


  2. it’s wonderful that there are so many bookish events in your area, Marsha, as well as independent bookshops. I heard Barnes and Noble has been bought by Waterstones, a chain in the UK. Waterstones reinvented themselves a few years back and they’ve given all their stores an individual feel. They don’t look at all like a chain, and the Waterstones near me is one of my favourite bookshops. They’ve taken on a massive challenge, but I hope they succeed and keep the bookshops (bookstores) flourishing.
    Best of luck at your next event!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, Helena. I’d heard this was a British Company. So good to hear first hand of their success. We can only wish them well with B & N. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing that good news. 🙂


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