4th of July

Greetings to our friends to the north who recently enjoyed celebrating Canada Day.

Canada Flag Public Domain

Today, I want us to take time to think about what it is we’re really celebrating on our 4th of July. It’s more than picnics and fireworks. It’s the date when the Second Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence!

You will recognize these words: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Later Americans have interpreted “men” to mean women as well as people of all colors, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. In reality, that probably was not intended by our “forefathers.” Thank God the document is a living breathing document. IMG_4017

Americans haven’t always behaved in a way that lived up to the values expressed in our Declaration. The pictures coming from the southern borders of Texas should make us all cringe and resolve to do something about this desperate situation. When the stories first broke, before I heard any politician’s likening the separation of children from their parents as kidnapping, I thought “that’s kidnapping.”

How can our government take children from their parents with no plan to reunite them?

How can our government take children from their parents and face no consequences for their actions?

These are folks seeking legal asylum from life-threatening situations in their own countries. The over-crowding is inhumane and beneath us as America. We are breaking our own regulations by detaining them this way.

Would the same thing be happening if these parents were coming form one of the Scandinavian countries? I suspect not. These actions are a direct result of some Americans fear and hatred of people of color. Unfortunately, these emotions are not found only in the United States. Sadly, history is filled with times of persecutions of persons who are perceived as different for whatever reason the hater chooses: religion, skin color, country of origin, sexual orientation. The Holocaust is probably the worst example of this hatred.

Our Declaration of Independence claims that all are created equal under the law. If we really believe that, we should speak up every time we hear someone putting another down. We should say, “Stop. That’s not who we are in this country.” Now, that takes some courage, I know.  Minimally, we need to walk away from people speaking hurtful things to others. But unless we say something, I don’t see the behaviors stopping. People have to be called out and made to understand that kind of speech/action is unacceptable. Maybe they are just repeating what they heard from their parents. Maybe they don’t know any better. But how does it ever stop if we don’t speak up?photo(2)

Yes, we have freedom of speech in this country, but the courts have said that doesn’t include the right to yell, “Fire” in a crowded theater. IMHO, hate speech falls into that category.

Maybe, just saying, “You know that kind of language makes me uncomfortable; would you want someone to speak of you that way?” would be enough. Maybe it wouldn’t, and they’d just tell us to buzz off if we didn’t like it. But maybe if enough folks stood up over time, they’d get the message. In America, a country of immigrants, all are welcome. All have an opportunity to improve their lives and the lives of others.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty 1871-1886 New York, New York, USA

One way we speak up, folks, is by voting. People died so we’d have the right to vote. Let’s not let their deaths be in vain, because we didn’t value this gift and responsibility.

Recently, I watched a show on CNN called “The State of Hate, The Explosion of White Supremacy.” It’s a must see in our current environment.

I know this was a heavy duty post, but just as others have kept our democracy alive for us, I believe we have a responsibility to do our best to keep it alive for future generations. To ask the tough questions. Is this who we are as America? If not, what do we do about it.

So, Happy 4th of July. I hope you have a wonderful day. Did you, perhaps see the CNN show? Are you eating hot dogs and hamburgers? Watching fireworks? Love to hear from you.

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6 responses to “4th of July

  1. Happy 4th of July, Marsha! Loved your post and you’re 100% right about everything. I don’t recognize the America I see today. People need to get off their butt and vote, protest and make their voices heard. Imagine if our forefathers sat by while Britain continued to tax the colonies. They stood up to injustice and so should we.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If America has enough people like you I think you’ll make it through. Up here I sometimes don’t feel I have a right to comment on what’s happening in the US. And other times I think we must. I’m definitely hoping people down there take the time to really look at what the politicians are saying and doing and what they want for their country, then make the effort to vote. It’s not just a right, it’s a responsibility and I think people tend to forget that.

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    • Hey, Pat.Thanks for your kind words. I think you can speak out about what’s happening here. We’re all interconnected. Your prayers would be appreciated, too. I sometimes feel like we’re in the middle of some crazy, scary spy thriller. But it’s real life. Thanks for stopping by and for your support. 🙂


  3. Thanks for your wonderful and thoughtful post, Marsha.So much of what you say resonates with me here in the UK, too. All men and women are equal, and have the same rights. Two hundred years after those words were written, and there is still a monumental divide. We seem to be living in scary times. Speaking up and using our votes are strong tools if enough of us use them. Thanks for speaking out. I hope you and family enjoyed your Independence Day.


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