More on Red River

I wrote a bit about our family trip to Red River, NM in my August newsletter last week. But we were there for a full week, and I have many more pictures. It’s such a charming small town. This year was even more interesting since I’m considering using the town as the setting for the next book. (More to come later on that. 😊)

The ropes course at Red River is amazing. Three levels with really challenging activities at each level. In fact, they would be challenging if they were just a foot off the ground, but they begin ten feet in the air and probably increase by ten at each level. I haven’t been up there, which limits my perspective. Here are more pics of the ropes course.IMG_1558  IMG_1571 First level

Right pic, grandson on 2nd level

We ate every breakfast and lunch in our condos. My older daughter, her husband, and two kids were in one unit, and my younger daughter, her daughter and Bob and I were in another. We had a great patio and ate each lunch there. Such great air—clear, crisp, healthy.

SIL on top level. All kids and grands did all 3 levels multiple times!

It rained a couple of days in the afternoon, but it didn’t cut into any of our activities. Well, some activities are sitting in a comfy, soft leather chair reading, so of course it wouldn’t. But Laura and her daughter Sarah did the whole ropes course in the rain the second time they went up. And I shopped in the rain. It was lovely.

We hope to return next year with everyone. It’s an 10 to 13 hour drive depending on how often you stop, but so worth it when you come down that mountain into the valley.IMG_1624

This is more my speed. Love how close the deer let you get and the river was right outside our patio.

Last Saturday I held a book signing at Monkey And Dog Books, a charming shop in west Fort Worth. The staff was most gracious, and I hope to have a repeat event there maybe in the spring. I was thrilled at how many folks were able to come. Below is the only picture. I just forgot to ask anyone to take them. Bob came at the end and helped pack up. That’s when he took this pic. 


I hope everyone who gets this blog is signed up for my newsletter and that everyone who get’s my newsletter gets this blog. Here’s the link to the August Newsletter.

Next adventure: I’m planning to post on FB and Twitter short 1-minute videos of me reading from my various books. Because I’m so sequential, I’m beginning with a reading from VERMONT ESCAPE. Finding a passage that fits into a one minute is tough. Finding the camera eye is also a challenge. When I play the video back, I go yikes! This is not like reading to an audience. I can do that pretty well, if I do say so myself. 🙂 But looking at script then looking up to find the camera lens is more difficult than I’d assumed. I’ll get it, but it’s not there yet. Also, I’m getting my hair cut today, so I want to wait for that. Hopefully, I can post the first video next week sometime.

So, where’d you go on vacation this summer? Are you, kids, and grands back in school? Pray for safety for all in schools and public places. Love to hear from you.


12 responses to “More on Red River

  1. I enjoyed hearing about the wonderful trip with your family and seeing the photos of the trip and your book signing!!

    We have the cabin we are going to in two weeks up north. Looking forward to that with family. I’m sure it will be cold at night and we’ll have the fireplace going. We always do. Lows are forecast in the 40s next week. This weekend high school friends are coming. Looking forward to their visit.

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    • Hey, Susan.Glad you enjoyed the pics. Your little grands are too young for the ropes course, but someday….:) I confess to envying your weather. We had lows in the upper 40s in Red River. So wonderful. Family trips make irreplaceable memories for everyone. Worth every cent we spend. I’m only connected on FB to a couple of high school friends. How fun for you to get together with yours. You enjoy.Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting. 🙂


  2. Love the photos, Marsha. The ropes are something my daughters would love. (Not me, because I have no head for heights 🙂 )
    I love your idea of reading from your novels. I really look forward to hearing them read in your own voice.I hope you can get the technicalities sorted out. Good luck!


    • Hey, Jacquie. Oh my gosh. No, I hadn’t thought of that. It would be perfect. Now, if I can figure how to do that…I’ve been using my phone so far. Are you suggesting I do it on the computer screen? I think I may have a camera. Will research. This is a great idea. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, Alice. It was one of our best trips ever. Aside from missing one SIL, it was pretty special. Glad you liked the pics. I’m thinking your grandsons would dig the ropes course. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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