Can’t believe I’ve tried something new. You know I’m not fond of change and technology is not my strong suit. If it worked, you may have seen a Facebook post of me reading from my first published book, VERMONT ESCAPE.


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Reading out loud is not a challenge for me. After all, I have a theatre background and have done lots of readings in schools, church, and at book signings.

But this is different. First there is the background. I’m not really pleased with my background, but it is what it is. We have lots of windows in our house and only one kind of blankish wall. But that wall only worked when I sat at the table and used my phone camera, and I didn’t like how that looked, even with using a stand a friend loaned me. Thank you, Julie.

IMG_1877 Banner covers up the kitchen.

Also, I clunked my head on the bar when I was moving the dog dishes back in place after moving them out of the camera’s view. Almost everything I planned to do Wednesday, I put on hold to sit with ice on my head. I have a big ol’ lump on my head. Ouch!

A writer friend responded to last week’s blog where I mentioned I wanted to try this and suggested I use the camera on the computer and have the words just there on the screen. Made sense to me. However, our computer, a newish Dell, didn’t have a camera. So, we went out and bought an inexpensive one.

Well, the cord was too short to connect from the camera on top of the computer to the tower which sat underneath my desk. My sweet husband said he’d move it. And he did.


In the process of moving the tower, the antenna for the internet got broken. Yikes, no internet. On the lake here, we don’t have access to your normal internet providers like U-Verse or Spectrum. I use a hot spot. (Not the one on my phone). At first, I thought the antenna went to the hot spot. After many trips to various places (Best Buy, A T & T at different stores), and hearing from various helpful employees of said stores, I realized the antenna went to the tower.

I purchased a new one. The young guy at the second Best Buy laughed and said, he’d never seen an antenna like the one we broke. The computer isn’t more than 4 years old, but the kid was young. Maybe they quit making them the way ours was right after we got it. LOL

IMG_1869 Had to hold Charley. In his regular spot, he showed up on the screen. 🙂

Supposedly, it would be very easy to use. Just click it in the tower and the icon would show up on the bottom right of the screen and I’d follow the instructions. Well, of course, that didn’t happen. The icon never showed up. I figured I’d have to use the disc that came with the—well, it looks like what I call a flash drive—I think it’s a USB something. I opened the disc holder on the computer.

Low and behold there was a small disc already inside from the first hot spot I had. (I’m on my second.) So, I pushed it back in, and I think followed some directions. Still not doing. 

Well, the A T & T woman told me to get a network cable, which I had done, so I managed to plug in both ends, and then I got connected to the internet. Not wireless because there is this long old cord. But I have internet. 😊

Remember how this all began? I wanted to video myself reading from my books. What was I thinking?!!


Everything is messed up on my desk because the tower is now on top rather than under the desk. I told Bob we’ve got to get it back down. I can’t work like this! So hopefully, we’ll (he’ll) do that this weekend.

In the meantime, miraculously, I have the first video up. I don’t think I can show it here. I only have a free site. But you can find it on my FB link. It went live sometime yesterday afternoon.


Got video uploaded and waited.

Now to start work on a reading from TRUTH BE TOLD. Just guess I’ll go in order and do all the stand alones first, then the series.

As always, love to hear from you.

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9 responses to “NEW TECHNOLOGY

  1. It’s hard to believe we existed for so long without the internet. I think most of us feel slightly lost if we lose connection. The finished reading you did was good. It always seems anything new involving technology involves changes and new wires, equipment, cursing, and or patience, before it can b used to do what seems so effortless when seen or heard.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hey, Pat.Glad you liked the reading. Took about a week to get it to that point. I could’ve kept working on it, but sometimes you just have to decide “good enough.” Hopefully, the next time will be easier. I chuckled at your comments about cursing and patience. It certainly takes both. Thanks so much for stopping by.


    • Hey, Jacqui. I so get you. I did an update on the computer a month ago, and my downloaded images were all rearranged. Instead of folders being at the top. They are scattered throughout! So annoying. LOL Can’t live with it and makes us nuts to live without it. Thanks for stopping by.


    • Hey, Jacquie. So, I got the camera at your suggestion, but I swear, I could never figure out how to get the script on the screen. So I just used a printed page. I’ll keep working on it for next time. 🙂 Glad you liked the video. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and for sharing. 🙂

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  2. Oh my, Marsha. Been there. Done that. Well, not exactly what you had to go thru, but certainly the frustration of figuring out the technology. I’ve done FB Live–really hate having to put on makeup and do my hair when I’m not even going out of the house!!! I use the webcam on my laptop. Do you have a laptop? Life is easier with a laptop. You can take it on your deck or dining room table, etc to “work” on it. And you don’t need to spend a ton of money on one anymore. Maybe Santa could find one at Best Buy on the Black Friday sale!!!???? I really enjoyed your reading on video. Your voice and expression were right on! Looking forward to the next segment.


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