My plan was to write about retail issues. After taking my youngest granddaughter to school this morning I walked at the mall. (And can I just say, I’m so happy not to routinely have to get up at 5:30 am. When I worked back in the day, I routinely got up at 5 am. This is not as much fun as it used to be. LOL)


So while I walked looking at closed store after closed store in what had been the premier shopping spot in Fort Worth, I wrote in my head a cool post about the loss of malls and regular shopping.

However, when I got home, I saw a post on our Sisterhood of Suspense blog I wanted to respond to which I tried to do and couldn’t.

I’ve been trying to move all my links from Chrome over to Edge. Not my choice, but Chrome keeps closing on me and sometimes won’t let me download pics without shutting down and reopening. When that happens, I have to shut off the computer, reboot, and wait for it to come up before getting to work. A nuisance. So, by now I’m sure you must be confused. What does any of this have to do with anything? IMG_0208 (Random fall pictures from Maine and Fort Worth.)

Apparently, I hadn’t moved Facebook or Google or WordPress or my work email over to Edge, so that meant I had to sign in. And this is where it got complicated.

I have three full sheets of printed out passwords, and I try really hard to keep those up to date. I’ve saved them on my computer in most instances. Sometimes you can click on the little eye and see what the password is. Sometimes, not.

So I had both Chrome and Edge open. I’d open Chrome, find the app and get the link and get the password and copy that all over to Edge, saving it into my favorites. But sometimes the passwords I had written down weren’t recognized. (Now personally, I believe the grinches just stop recognizing passwords if you don’t change them often enough to suit them.) So, then it was click on “forgot my password,” get an email sent to me. Then which email did I want to use? And oh my gosh, is my blog on or is it at ?


What is Google’s relationship to Blogger? And why do I care? My blogs are on WordPress. Yee, gods this is all a nightmare! Agggghhhh!

And I haven’t even moved over MailChimp. Fortunately, the Newsletter went out last week, so I have some time before it goes out again. (I hope you’re signed up for the Newsletter. You can do that on the Home Page of my website.)

At any rate, my frustration at all of this has now spilled over into my blog post. Which browser do you use? Have you had to move things before? I set up my links when I got my Surface Pro. It seemed to be easier going than this is.


Charley Update: Those of you who follow me on FB, realize our sweet pup Charley, a combination Jack Russel Terrier and Chihuahua had to have surgery to remove a bladder stone last week. I’m happy to report, he’s doing well, though the first two days were dreadful. I had to miss Bob’s college reunion to stay and nurse Charley, and Bob wasn’t here to help. ☹ I’m very grateful to VCA in Fort Worth, Dr. Roller, Mary and RaeAnn for the great care they gave Charley. And thrilled he’s peeing and pooping. Not fond of the collar, but we’ve found a blow up one that he can rest his head on and sleep and still keeps him from going after the incision.

IMG_2127 IMG_2149 (He’s pretty cute.)

Book Signing Update. Sunday, November 3 at J McLaughlin on University Drive in Fort Worth. More details closer to the event.

Love to hear from you.

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12 responses to “Passwords

  1. We’ve had Chrome for years.
    I’m glad Charley is doing better.
    We went to a mall this past weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. You hear about how malls are disappearing. This one was vibrant. We had to park as far away as you could to get a parking spot. People were everywhere with lots of popular stores, not the cornerstones, but filled with places like Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Eddie Bauer, etc.

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    • Hey, Susan. I’ve only had trouble with Chrome in the last couple of months and had enjoyed it before. Just quitting for no reason that I could see became really annoying. So glad to hear you have a great mall. I love ’em. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 Marsha


  2. I went through the password nightmare when I purchased my new phone. To say it’s frustrating is a mild statement. I was ready to chuck my expensive new phone across the room. Hope your situation resolves soon. (And I’m glad Charlie’s on the mend.)

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    • Hey, Lisa. You get it. That’s certainly been my experience. So glad you didn’t throw your new phone. Charley’s still in collar, but dong well. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. 🙂


  3. I haven’t even heard about Edge but passwords are always iffy.Often when I redo them more carefully I find I was right the first time. I’m so glad Charlie is doing well and I love the new collar you got him, it looks much more comfortable.I don’t miss 5 o’clock wake up but I bet you love having time with your granddaughter.As for shopping malls department stores and big box stores seem to be disappearing but there are lots of little stores filling the malls and we seem to be spending money. Enjoy your day, I’m about to take Fluffy for a walk.

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    • Started writing, Pat, and another storm blew up. Lots of lightening. I always try to shut down the computer when that happens. Yes, I’ve had that situation, with having had the right PW and just typed it incorrectly. Again, we should always have an little eye so we can check what we typed. I personally don’t understand why malls have fallen into disrepute. In areas with extremes of temperatures either hot or cold, being able to shop inside just makes sense to me. But we now have all these high end strip shopping centers. Know accounting for what people like. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. 🙂 And yes, Charley continues to improve. I’m grateful.


    • Hey, Vicki. You said it. The whole Passwords thing is nuts and I only think I’m organized. The last time my computer updated, all my downloads rearranged. It now takes me three times as long to find what I’m looking for! GRRRR. Technology. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. 🙂


  4. Hi Marsha, I feel your pain with the passwords. I started keeping a list of mine on a piece of paper, but now I’ve mysteriously mislaid it. I dread the day when I might need it. And I hate it when I need a new laptop. Everything is set up on mine exactly how I want it. I realise this doesn’t make sense, but I’d sooner put up with my slow, heavy laptop than have to spend a day setting up a new one!
    I love Charley’s collar. What a great idea. Good to know he’s improving.
    Hope you get your IT problems sorted out and are soon back up and running.

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    • Hey, Helena. OMG You’ve lost your one page of Passwords!? I’d be losing my mind. I do understand sticking with what you know and works rather than go through the pain of changing. The weirdest thing has been my web site. You know how you have a picture of yourself? Well, I had one that was for my work website and for some reason I have another for my Sisterhood of Suspense blog. Normally I have to sign out of at and sign in to at
      I’m only finding the at spot. But my posts seem to be there. I’m sure I’m probably paying for stuff I don’t need, but I don’t want to delete anything in case it’s the wrong thing. I’m totally a mess. LOL It’s really a miracle I can publish my own books!!
      Charley’s collar has been a life safer. He sleeps better at night and that means we do, too. Thanks for stopping by. Forgive the late responses. Thunder and lightening all afternoon and night. 🙂

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  5. That does sound a nightmare, and sorry to hear you’ve had thunder and lightning on top of it all! I hope the weather clears and the computer problems magically resolve themselves, too 🙂


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