The Joys of the Season

IMG_2323As I write this, Christmas Eve is a week off. I spent the afternoon looking for a place for part of the family to go for dinner after a service at one of the daughter’s church. Kept striking out. We did end up with a spot—Outback, which I’m sure many of you have, and oddly the restaurant Bob and I at Sunday night. Hadn’t been there in a long time and never by ourselves. I’d checked about 8 different places before hitting on Outback. Several places weren’t going to be open. Can’t blame them for that. Most places I checked through Open Plate, and maybe that was the problem. Maybe the restaurants only gave them a certain number of spots. I didn’t think of that, and it was easy just to click on the calendar. (Update: new location is a local Italian restaurant near the kids’ house.)

What do you do on Christmas Eve? Do you open your presents then? I know lots of folks who do. I grew up opening on Christmas morning and continued that with my family. We didn’t even do that thing where you get to open one gift on Christmas Eve. We just waited for the big day.

IMG_2321We did stockings on Christmas morning, too. I’m repeating from last week that my mother made Daddy and me and her a stocking. They were always filled up, usually with fruit and candy canes. We never had much money. I remember when I was 12 and discovered presents Mom had hidden in her closet. I wasn’t looking on purpose, just stumbled over them. I was so crushed. I cried and cried. She’d made clothes for my favorite doll. It was a very special gift. On Christmas morning, I pretended to be surprised.

I remember the year Bob and I stayed up late putting bikes together for both daughters. And one year it was the dollhouse. When the kids were really young, my father and Bob put together the swing set. I don’t remember when they did that. LOL

For many years between the Christmas Eve service, we went to friends’ house. A good chunk of the church stopped by. My friend had a tablecloth and we’d sign our name and date it. During the year, she’d embroider the latest. Our daughters were really young, but they still remember that and think fondly of those times.

Do you spend time over the holidays reminiscing? We do a lot. Sometimes even pulling out the albums. I know. I know. I should really put them on some sort of flash drive or CD. Have any of you done that? How did it work out?

So next week, no blog, but I’ll send out my newsletter early in the week because I know we’ll all be busy and focused on our families and friends.


Happy Hanukkah to my friends who will be celebrating beginning December 23.thCV6ATN5Q

Please take a moment to pray for our Republic that we get through these difficult times.

I hope you’ll take a minute to share some of your favorite memories and traditions or tell us what your weather is like. Love to hear from you.

(Not sure this is going live. Having technological issues and WordPress is on vacation until after Christmas.)

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5 responses to “The Joys of the Season

    • Hey, Vicki. Ohhh, that’s pretty traumatic. Sorry that worked out that way. I’ve always struggled with the whole “Santa” myth. Certainly I believe in the spirit of Christmas, but when you do the deer paws on the roof, which apparently my husband did, but I don’t remember, that seems to go too far. I have a granddaughter who is so into the Elf on a Shelf thing, I worry what’s going to happen when she’s finally realizes it’s her father flying Red around every night.


  1. We have always opened our gifts on Christmas Eve. Our son and family will come early afternoon. I have appetizers planned for then. We will have a Christmas trivia contest. I made one for the adults and one for our grandson. He should be able to come up with some answers. Then we will have a sit down dinner and after will open up gifts. We plan on going to the 10:30 mass that evening. There is a concert beforehand.

    My other son’s wife works the day after Christmas so they are coming early January for a week. We’ll have Christmas with them then and also will have a first birthday party for our baby grandson that Sunday.

    I love Christmas and have great memories of my childhood with family including with my sister who died last month. We will celebrate. Actually my brother and his wife are coming for dinner today.

    On Christmas Bill and I will experiment making a new Indian (the country) meal.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Marsha and everyone here!
    Happy New Year!

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    • Hey, Susan. Love Trivia. Haven’t played in a long while. Our latest is Word Salad, I’ve written about before. I’m so glad you will have so many family members and friends near by. Hope to hear about the new meal. Post some FB pics. Thanks for the good wishes. Sending positive thoughts and prayers and the blessings of the season your way. As always, thanks for stopping by.


  2. Hi Marsha, I loved hearing about your traditions. Like you we always do presents on Christmas Day, rather than Christmas Eve. My daughters and I will be doing a three-way Skype on Christmas Eve (hooray for Skype!) when it will already be Christmas morning in New Zealand, and the middle of summer! By the wonders of technology, we all get to see each other. Wishing you and family a fabulous Christmas and all the very best for both our countries in the New Year.


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