Happy New Year, Y’all!

Welcome to 2020, a new year and a new decade. Ten years ago, I had been retired from education for about 2½ years and was learning the craft of writing. My first book (the fourth I wrote) was published in 2013, and now I have 7 books out. Definitely a memorable decade for me.


Five years ago. we sold our house we’d been in for over 20 years and downsized to our small lake cottage. What we lost in storage, we more than made up for in views! It’s a spectacular place. If you follow me on FB, you get to see those sunrises, sunsets, amazing deer,  waterfowl-Pelicans & Cormorants below. IMG_0782

Frequently we have friends and family over to celebrate the new year, either New Year’s Eve or Day. This year, all our family is out of town. We were blessed to be invited someplace for both times by good friends from church.

I made my famous turkey queso with chips for the New Year’s Eve gathering and sautéed spinach for the New Year’s Day meal. At home I do collard greens, but I know lots of people don’t like them. I figure the spinach will still do its “green” thing for money in the new year.spinach plate

Is there something you always eat at this time of year? Are you making New Year’s Resolutions? Or goals? I like to call them goals. I print them and keep them in a folder to check on throughout the year. Noom is a big part of my plans for the new year. Soon, I’m going to do a whole blog about this program.

Usually, I misplace a Christmas gift or two, but this year that task fell to my husband. It took him a couple of days after, but he found my special new bracelet. I was so glad.

Oh, my gosh, y’all. I went to save this post and realized I needed a new folder. One that said 2020. I guess it’s real.

My sweet husband got me this cute plaque.plaque He’s so supportive of my writing.

I hope you have a healthy and prosperous 2020. Love to hear from you

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3 responses to “Happy New Year, Y’all!

  1. A belated happy New Year to you, Marsha! Many congratulations on your achievements in the last decade. It’s an impressive list of books. I’m so glad we got to meet through our writing. Wishing you all the best for the coming year – and the coming decade! x


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