Of Boathouses and Docks

So much I could write about right now, but, much of it isn’t good. In fact its scary, frustrating, and makes me mad. So, I’m going to choose to focus on the good. We always have a choice in these matters. (This story will start bad, but end with a Happily Ever After, as all should.)

When we bought our lakehouse, it had a dock and boathouse. Not a good one, by any means, but it had one. Corrugated metal that flapped when the wind got up like it does on the lake. I was terrified a piece would lift off, sail through the air and hit my neighbor’s or my house. Or just land in the lake making a hazard.old boathouse

So, in 2018, I hired a guy who had done good work fixing a big crack in our retaining wall and adding an extra back up wall. He took down the old boathouse, which I’m grateful for. We went off to Maine that fall and when we returned reddish orange metal things were out there over the old dock. Then the weather turned bad. Then Christmas came, and the message was he’d finish the dock and boathouse in the spring.Before new work

No problem. We weren’t spending any time sitting outside during the winter.

But spring returned and my builder did not. No amount of contact got him to respond. We’d paid him a lot of money. (Stupid me. Lesson learned. Never pay it all before the work is done.) I reported the matter to the police, and they’ve investigated, and I believe the DA will charge him. I just wanted to make sure he didn’t take advantage of anyone else besides my neighbor who used him on my recommendation.

We missed all the 2019 fun on the lake because it wasn’t safe to walk out there.

So, last fall after much research into and interviewing people, I hired another boat dock guy to finish the job. Unfortunately, some of the previous work wasn’t done right (All three of the people who looked at it confirmed that.), so it’s not as easy as it might seem. One of them really didn’t want to mess with it. Finally, in 2020, (because boat dock guys apparently are kept really busy), my new guy and his crew began on Monday of this week. drillNew poles are up for the roof.poles And in a month or so, we will have a brand new boat dock with lots of covered area to stay out of the sun but to get close to the fish and ducks and Pelicans. Expect to see lots of excellent pictures in the future. You see Happily Ever After. 🙂

Charley isn’t real happy about the events because if I’m gone now, I put the doggy door down. I don’t want to chance him getting into trouble or bothering the workers when I can’t rescue them. 😊IMG_2068

Have you ever been taken advantage of by a contractor? It’s such a shame, because it tends to give all contractors a bad name, which of course, isn’t right.

Lastly, please pray for our country and its leaders. We live in such perilous times. Love to hear from you.

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15 responses to “Of Boathouses and Docks

    • Oh, my gosh, Vicki. I’m sorry to hear this. I think my guy was shifting the money around like that, too. At least the detective indicated that. Such a shame. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. 🙂


    • Hey, Helena. We’re practically having spring now. It’s really crazy. Almost 70 degrees today and we’ve been in the mid 60s for the last couple of weeks. Nice, but we need some more freezing to kill all the bugs. But not until they finish the boat house. LOL Yes, you can count on pictures. I’ve kept the shades down and curtains drawn to keep Charley from feeling like he must bark constantly, protecting us. Thanks for stopping by.:)

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  1. Yay! Great to see progress! It has certainly been a journey! We have had our share of waiting for work to be done, but no one ever left us holding the bag, I’m happy to say! Can’t wait to see the end result. 🤗

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    • Hey, Julie. The work started back in 2018–just crazy how long the process has dragged on. But I see progress every day. We’ll have lots of covered area to sit in the shade and enjoy the lake. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


    • Hey, Jacquie. I had planned for the poles to be painted turquoise, but my boat dock guy doesn’t paint poles and I’ve noticed other docks have the same reddish brown color. It may have to be a family project. We’ll see. Glad you never had the fraud experience. It made me feel really stupid. Not a feeling I like. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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  2. My ex had built houses and boats (apparently harder because they sink if you make a mistake) so he knew what to look for and how to work with contractors. I’m hoping I don’t have to get someone to build something for me because I don’t have the same skill set.

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    • Hey, Pat. Yes the boat sinking could be an added problem. And wouldn’t it be nice if folks just did what they should so we wouldn’t need your ex’s skills? Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


  3. So sorry you had to learn that lesson the hard way. Here in our senior retirement community in FL, we are constantly vigilant of a crooked con man. Soooooo many preying on the older single women. GT was just helping a widow lady who ordered a new roof after she and Ted interviewed the vendors. Then the day they put it on, he checked it out. So many folks get duped. Don’t feel too bad. Glad your bad guy will be caught and penalized. Looking forward to seeing your boathouse and future pics of the beautiful lake!


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