Busy February

Which begins Saturday. Where did January go? If this is any indication of how time will fly this year, well, WOW.

photoTo begin with on Monday, I’ll be teaching a 4-week course on Indie Publishing for the TCU Silver Frogs program for folks over 50. I taught it two years ago, but I’ve learned a bit since then, 😊 so have had to do some updates. I’m really looking forward to this. Once a teacher, always a teacher.

Along the same order, I’ll begin teaching an elder training class at church along with our minister. Again, I did this last year, but still preparation is involved.

My writing chapter’s contest is taking place at the same time. I agreed to judge two entries of the Great Expectations Contest, and the results are due not later than Feb. 24th. For me, judging is more than just one read of the 30 pages submitted. It takes me two or more times, plus taking time to write comments on the score sheet. Over the years, I’ve appreciated what I’ve learned from entering contests and feel it’s important to pay that forward.

NTRWA-Logo-1920 (1)

I’m super excited to be attending again the Haltom City Public Library’s A Night of Romance on February 14 at 6:30. For several years the librarians and wonderful volunteers have sponsored a fun evening with wonderful authors, great food, and awesome readers. I usually put together a raffle basket for this event. Sometimes we read from one of our books. I love doing that, but it takes time to prepare. Anyway, if you’re in the area, hope you can come.

Haltom Some of the other authors who will attend: Jerrie Alexander, Glover Autrey, C. Marie Bowen, Kym Roberts, L.M Butler, Mia London, C. A. Szarek, Rarolyn Rae, Clover

And then I have to find time to work on Book 8. And I need to find a title. A subject for a blog post on another day. Y’all did great naming the series and the books in the series. 😊 So I hope you can come through a gain.

Heavy church work continues for several more months including teaching the circle lesson the second Tuesday of this month. We hope to be in the new church in late March. Lots to do between now and then.

Our boathouse/boatdock is making great progress. Think they’ll be finished in couple of weeks. It’s been fascinating to see the work.

boat dock

This week I posted on the Sisterhood of Suspense blog. You might have seen it on Facebook, A Crisis of Conscience. If not here’s the link. https://sisterhoodofsuspense.com/2020/01/28/crisis-of-conscience/

How’s your month shaping up? Are you a big Valentine’s person? Love me a heart shaped box of those chocolates, but small please because I don’t have much control over how many I eat at a time. LOL Love to hear from you.

Don’t forget my three standalone books. Links on my website. 🙂VERMONT ESCAPE

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12 responses to “Busy February

    • Hey, Julie. I love your perspective. Yes, I can use an extra day this month. We are going to love the boathouse when it’s finished. I see lots of sipping coffee in the morning and wine in the evening ahead of us. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  1. I can’t wait for February and March…lol. 🙂 February will be a busy month for you, teaching, judging, writing, etc. Wow!

    In February I’ll start registering voters. A Republican judge’s ruling nullified 200,000 voters in Wisconsin. Luckily, Wisconsin allows same-day voting. registrationhttps://apnews.com/eeeefa9718f9ff41d7a87c4a3dc4190f

    Best wishes and enjoy!!

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    • Hey, Susan. I’ve read about the judge defrauding a bunch of voters. Just insane what some folks are trying to do. I appreciate your work for voters. Thanks for stopping by.


    • Hey, Vicki. You are so right about that. At least I think you are. I haven’t experienced that in some time. Think by the end of summer, I’ll be there. LOL Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. I love the sound of your self-publishing course, Marsha. Great idea to run one for over-50s. The work on your dock is really coming along. it will look super when it’s done! Hope you enjoy your busy month x

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    • Hey, Helena. There are over 600 people enrolled in Silver Frogs. In the past, they’ve had a long waiting list, but this year, TCU freed up more space for the classes. Excited to be a part and excited to be taking some classes with Bob later in the spring. The workers have been doing a great job. When they finish, I’ll do a whole post with pictures to show how super they’ve been. Can’t wait to sit out with a glass of wine in the evening. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Love the boathouse. Evidently it is designed for more than housing boats. LOL…sounds like a great plan to sit in the boathouse and watch the pelicans and lake activity. So many wonderful opportunities to use your teaching skills. Just think if you hadn’t decided to be an author, you would have missed out on this exciting chapter of your life. Exciting you will be able to hold Easter services in the new church! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    • Good gravy, JQ. So sorry about not seeing this. We have no boat now, though hope to sometime in the near future( this summer or next), but yes, we see it as an outdoor entertaining space. We’ll probably put our patio set out there. We have to figure a way to tie everything down. We get some pretty good winds and I don’t look forward to having to fish out chairs. We had that happen once. It’s a pain and the chairs were a mess! Thanks so much for stopping by and apologies for not responding in a timely fashion. 🙂

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