Coronavirus II

Yes, I wrote some about this last week, but it’s getting worse and impacting our lives more. We have around 9 cases in Texas including in Tarrant County where Fort Worth is and in Dallas County. It’s also in South Texas. I saw where several colleges in the metroplex are extending their spring break and moving classes to online.

So that probably works for a math or social studies class, but what about a theatre class or dance class. Those are performance based courses, and you have to be active. They are literally learn-by-doing classes. I can’t imagine how those students and professors will manage. I get why the colleges are doing this, because I understand needing to try to slow the spread, but still….

pantry space Our small pantry

Everything I’ve read/heard about public schools is to keep them open if at all possible because so many families count on schools as safe places for their kids. In Texas, so many public school kids in our state are on free or reduced lunch. Many of them get breakfast at school, too. And do the parents miss work to stay home with them? Do the kids stay by themselves? Lots of complex issues.

Dallas has cancelled its St. Patrick’s Day parade as have many other large cities.

I’m sure you’ve read that NCAA March madness basketball games will be played without fans in attendance. Crazy, huh?

Extra storage Extra storage in wash room

And let’s not even discuss what’s happening to the stock market! WOW!

And so, what happens if you test positive or you’ve been exposed to someone who’s tested positive? Well, to begin with 14 days of quarantine. What does that look like? You stay in your home and don’t go out. I read on Facebook, where some people are making a run on bookstores and libraries to make sure they have enough to read. Yes, I did add a couple of books to my Nook and Kindle. And yes, I’ve stocked up on canned goods, packaged foods, and frozen items. I don’t usually buy those. I mean in the winter I might have a can or two of soup and in the summer a can or two of tuna to make tuna salad, but we mostly eat fresh foods. We live close to the store and I make frequent stops throughout the week. This would be a definite change. For only two weeks, but still, it would be a challenge. Bob could work remotely, and I can write, which would be a plus. That’s all depending on us not being sick, just exposed. Fortunately, neither of us have those underlying health issues, but we are up there in age so we’re at risk. Seems weird to be considered to be one of those in the “vulnerable” population.

Our largest groups are at church, and there we’ve stopped shaking hands during the passing of the peace. We’ve gotten comfortable with the elbow bump.

Have you found empty shelves in the stores? Walmart has been decimated. I found more options at Target, Walgreens, and the grocery store, but you could tell folks have been out stocking up. Maybe you haven’t looked? Do you have any plans for protecting yourself and your family? Are you wiping down doorknobs, your cell phone, or keyboard? I’ve done all of those and will continue to do that. I’m convinced that when the grocery stores started providing the sanitary wipes which they did during the last giant flu outbreak, that one act made a difference in keeping me and others well.

So I’d love to love to hear your take on this scary time. Be safe.

If you’re stuck at home and need to read something, you might check out one of my books. ACT OF BETRAYAL, Book 3 in the Second Chances Series. 2c8b5-a5f296_918d565024d947209c3f8bd35501dfbbmv2

A cosmetics company owner in Dallas, Devon Moore, wants to save her company from bankruptcy, but her ex-husband’s embezzlement sends her into dangerous waters trying to pay back his clients, replace the money he stole from her company and keep her, her daughter, and her parents safe.

Private Investigator, Brett Townsend, wants to find who is threatening his new client and locate the missing money. He suspects the beautiful Devon hasn’t been completely honest with him. A wife has to know, doesn’t she? When she is attacked twice and her daughter is kidnapped, he decides he must adjust his thinking.

Despite Brett’s initial doubts about whether Devon really knew about the money her ex-husband stole, still he’s attracted to the redheaded beauty and admires her love of her daughter for whom she will do anything. Their attraction for each other sizzles under the surface of all they do.
Will they reclaim the hidden money and find the bad guys in time to save her business and the lives of her daughter, her parents, and Devon?



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7 responses to “Coronavirus II

  1. Good morning, Marsha. We also have a case of the coronavirus in our county. The cases doubled in Wisconsin yesterday. All of the major universities in Wisconsin have cancelled classes until mid-April. Bill will miss going to his class. He is always thrilled when he comes home with what he has learned. One son works for the State and was told if they go on vacation to a state that has a certain number of cases, when they return home, they have to take a two week unpaid leave. I have a lot of volunteer work in the next few weeks. I’ve been thinking about that and wonder about meeting up with friends.

    We haven’t been going out buying a lot of extras. We have a lot of everything here already. We will be going out less. This will probably be a good time for me to write. I have been incredibly lax with that. I want Manhattan 2 to be finished by the end of November. I have a long way to go. My plan to revise a chapter a day worked for the first day!

    I hope my friends and loved ones will stay safe. It’s terrible that this is happening. Take good care.

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    • Hey, Susan. Glad you have space to store stuff. We really don’t. I just run out and buy stuff as needed. Everything is close. Yes, our TCU Silver Frogs classes are canceled, too. So glad I was able to get my Indie Publishing class taught in February. I’ve heard that the Presbytery in the state of Washington has asked that all our Presbyterian churches there not hold services. That really gets your attention. Yes, if we wouldn’t go and do so much we’d get a lot more writing done. LOL Is this the silver lining in the clouds or the Virus? And we’re lucky. We’ve got Bill and Bob at home with us. It would be harder to be quarantined at home alone. 🙂 Stay safe. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Panic feeds these situations! This virus loves cold and dry climates and today Will be 87 with rain in the next 7 days. This too will pass. Gary is 77 and has mild COPD so I’m very protective of him. We here on the Lake are the lucky ones!! We can go out and sit in our yards, on our docks, cook out, take boat rides and continue to enjoy our lives while the rest of the country goes into protective mode until this is over. We feel so blessed and continue to trust our Lord and Savior!! He’s got this🙏🙏☺️

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    • Hey, Beverly. Yes, I’ve thought about how fortunate we are to be in a less crowded area, and that we’re able to go out in the yard and boat dock with no one particularly around. Blessed indeed. So nice of you to stop by. 🙂


  3. Very sensible explanation, Marsha, and a lot of questions we all need answers to. Maine is in much the same situation as Texas. We have one identified case so far, and colleges will be closing for a few weeks. I haven’t been able to find wipes because shelves are empty.

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    • Hey, Susan. You have lots of distance between places, too. I gotta think that helps as opposed to more crowded urban areas. I feel like we’re in the middle of a dystopian novel! Scary. Be safe. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  4. Luckily we are at our Arkansas home and can avoid the panic. Sometimes I wonder if people have a ounce of common sense when I hear about the panic mode for food and paper goods. Hopefully we will follow medical advice and practice the safe hygiene suggested. It is very frightening for the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. I feel so sad for the ones who have had a one time only event cancelled. I hope the political accusations of what has been done “wrong” stop, but the frenzy never stops. Hopefully we will help one another and pray for the health and healing for the ones so ill.


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