Empty Calendars

I believe your calendar must look at lot like mine now. Not exactly blank, but pretty empty. Things that use to give my life structure have been canceled or postponed or take place in significantly different ways.

My daughter banned me from her Pilates studio. I’m doing a mat class on my own every other day. I used to go twice a week to work with a trainer. I’m pretty certain, I’m not getting as much of a workout on my own as with a trainer. 😊 (Of course, now her studio is closed.)


Schools are closed, so I no longer pick up a granddaughter to either hang out or take to her dance class. ☹

My beauty shop is closed. My next appointment was for today, April 2. I’ve promised my beautician not to cut my hair myself and think that will be okay. Color may become more problematical. That could become pretty scary. And you know how emotionally down you can get if your hair doesn’t look like you think it should. Guess we’ll see.IMG_4734

Church only meets on-line now for Sunday Services on Facebook and Zoom. Thank you, God, for technology! What a blessing that has become. So, no committee meetings, around which my life has always revolved. Because this shutdown looks to go on for the foreseeable future, some of my groups are looking at using Zoom for meetings. First one is today. Will let you know how it goes.

parking lot The church is complete now and the move has taken place.

TCU Silver Frogs classes canceled. Though they are now asking if folks want to do a class on-line. Not sure I’m up for that. Need to get better with the technology before trying.

Remaining on the calendar is this weekly blog/newsletter, the monthly Sisterhood of Suspense blog, and Sunday morning service at 10 am. Also checking in daily with my Noom App and recording things there. My Pilates every other day but I’ve not put that on the calendar. Maybe I should. It would help fill up the blank space.IMG_2786 My Pilates mat.

I’m going to actually put on the calendar these things: my at home Pilates mat class, meditating, working on Book 8, neighborhood walks-as opposed to walking at the Mall-, going through my closet to cull some of the larger size clothes hanging there. (I actually got this done already. Feeling proud.)

IMG_2863 Sunrise to give you a boost.

And last but not least, going through the file cabinets and drawers to get rid of stuff I don’t need there. (I do hate to do this task. I mean I cleaned out my closet before doing the files!) If I get through with those, there are computer files. And oh, yeah, going through the pictures I’ve been meaning to send to Legacy Box dot com to get pics digitized. Have you done that? How are you filling the time? Never something I had to worry about before. I’ve always been scheduled and busy. Certainly, a new way to do life. And I am blessed to live on a lake with great views and so far we are well. Be safe and stay well.

Love to hear from you. More than even usually. 😊

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6 responses to “Empty Calendars

  1. Bad news. Had to cancel our cruise for 2021. 😦 I’m walking every morning and love it. I have Jazzercise on Demand. Yoga via zoom and found free yoga on youtube, too. I’m writing a new book which I never thought would happen cause books drive me crazy and stories are easier for me. And super cleaning. As for the hair, yup, took a 1/2 inch off the bangs.

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    • Hey, Vicki. I’m surprised at how much more time I’m spending exercising. Guess that’s because I’m not going to so many meetings. LOL I’m excited that you’re writing a new book! I think I’ve just finished the first draft of my 8th book, but it’s only 62 + K words. Shortest one I’ve ever written. Hope I’ll be able to stretch it to at least 65. I love the story, but wish it were longer. I’m afraid I’ll have to get on the files. Hate that, but it’s what’s next on the todo list. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂 Stay in and be safe.


  2. Hello Marsha. I can see you like a lot of structure. I do as well. I’ve made a schedule for us each day. Not that we necessarily stick to it. Yesterday was game day. We didn’t play anything. We did start a class via Harvard on Egypt. Today is music day. I know that won’t be forgotten.

    We did a 3 week shopping trip today and cleaned everything we brought into the house or else left non-perishables in the car for a few days. It was exhausting.

    We walk daily by the university. Almost no one is around. Safest place to walk.

    Eating way too much. Bill is making peach cobbler today. I have chocolate chip banana bread in the freezer and chocolate chip raspberry muffins. So we are having plenty of baked goods to eat.

    I’m going to get ready to cover the front and back garden tomorrow night. Will get down to 20 degrees. Bill will eventually put poles around a small garden we took apart for pole beans and butternut squash to grow up the poles. I’ll also grow butternut squash on one side of our trellis. I did that one year and it was fun. Will still have asparagus in the back and tomatoes in the front. Two areas of raspberries and that’s it. I used to have a wonderful vegetable garden, but we have too much shade even in the front. I’ll probably have basil in the house, have rosemary always.

    Will visit friends when the weather gets warmer while they are out in their yards/gardens, a decent distance away.

    Not really much on our calendar. I haven’t been writing like I should. I know your book will get published long before mine does.

    Take good care… Susan

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    • Gosh, Susan, you make me feel like a slugg. Can’t get over how much you and Bill do. And all the gardening, too. Sorry, y’all are still having such very cold weather! Yikes. I’m really struggling with having Bob home all day. LOL I’m sure he struggles with me, too. So, as to writing, I think I’ve finished the first draft of TAINTED. It’s just 62 K words. Seems short to me. Usually have at least 70 K, but I pantsed this book and this how it turned out. LOL Will go over checking for overused words before sending to a couple of Beta Readers. I’m 1/2 over my lowest weight, which I find pretty amazing with all the stress we’re under. Plan to lose a bit more, but oh I love the sound of all your desserts–peach cobbler is a favorite!! I’d never make it in your house. LOL Y’all take care and Stay home. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  3. I like your idea of putting all your activities on the calendar. I have none to put there! We’re still in FL and all activities in the park are shut down as is the community center and even the pool! The golf course is still operating as far as I know. We aren’t golfers.
    Church service is online as well as my daughter is offering a devotional every morning on the church’s FB group. (Delighted you all have made the move to the new building!!)
    GT had a doc appointment today, but instead of going in for test results, the doctor, yes the doctor, not the nurse, called to give him test results. A very good report. We liked not having to take risks sitting in the waiting room.
    Life is odd. I feel like I am forgetting something or I’m supposed to be doing something important. Hmmmm…I wonder. Like Susan, I made a peanut butter pie today, but not so much to have something to do, but rather to help clean out the cupboard and refrigerator as we leave on Sunday to head north for the summer. I’ve been packing, but needed a break. Thanks for giving me this break!!!
    Stay safe and healthy!

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    • Hey, J. Q. Will it be difficult to travel? What will you do about places to stop by food or places to stay? I do think getting out of Florida is a good idea. I can’t wrap my head around a peanut butter pie. I’ve never heard of that. So glad GT got a good report from the doctor and really from the doctor. 🙂 Yes, grateful for these opportunities to keep up with folks. Right now technology is making me nuts at the same time it’s making this situation bearable. One of our TV’s is not connecting to the server, and while I’m told to call the number, I waited 15 minutes to get through yesterday and never made it. Yes, I’ve done the unplug thing a couple of times. LOL Ah well, in reality that’s not much to complain about. Keep me posted on your travels and be safe. Thanks for taking time to stop by. 🙂


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