Mom’s Birthday

In my newsletter last week, I wrote about my mom in honor of Mother’s Day. Well, mom’s birthday was Monday, May 11. Frequently we celebrated them both on the same day. Mom left this earth 17 years ago in 2003. She would’ve been 104 this year. And she’d hate that I’ve told her age. 🙂

IMG_3075 Dressed for a holiday party. I believe this red skirt was long. Not sure when this was taken. Probably in the 80s.

Many times, we went to Ridglea Country Club for their Mother’s Day Brunch. Here are two pictures from different years. I believe the top one is from the late 90s, and I was an elementary school assistant principal. Wore lots of those suits, with jackets with padded shoulders and slim skirts. Girls were in college. In the bottom picture, the other woman with us is Bob’s sweet Aunt Virginia (Auntie).


I mentioned in the newsletter that mom was an author writing short stores. She was also a poet, and I have this framed Haiku she penned inspired by a bird on her patio. This is so not something I can do. A friend of hers put this together for her. Mom loved pink.IMG_3071

We now have tenant birds in a nest outside our front door. Bob commented that they reminded him of Mom’s birds. We’ve not seen eggs or baby birds, but lots of back and forth as the birds made the nest. Not sure how it’s staying up there perched precariously on a tiny ledge.

IMG_2869And lots of droppings below the nest. 😊 Like life you have to take the good with the not so good. Like our beautiful herons and egrets that fly by and perch on our boat dock and leave us presents. The mallards don’t seem as inclined to leave us gifts.

Wednesday, I picked up an extra contact from my eye doctor. My regular appointment has been rescheduled to July. I’ll be out of contacts by then. Lots of signs on the doors. Don’t enter without a mask. Only one person at a time. And as soon as I entered, they took my temperature with a cool instrument that barely touched my skin. Very neat. I had no temp, so I went in. The staff member held out the contact to me in a tray, I scooped it up in my glove and was out of there.

Mom would’ve been courageous during these times, but I gotta tell you, I’m kind of glad she’s not here. She lived her last four years in a wonderful retirement center, but if she were alive today, I wouldn’t be able to see her. That would’ve been hard on us both. My heart goes out to those of you with a parent you cannot go see.

So, how are y’all holding up during the stay in place orders? Is your state/town lifting them? If they do, will you go out? I’m dithering about my hair. Just when I decide I’ll gut up and go in to get it cut and colored, I think, well, it’s not soooo bad. Then I think, maybe better to go now, because I believe we’ll get locked down again as our numbers go up. I hope they don’t, but…. So, I’m back and forth. Back and forth. Mother would’ve have gotten her hair done, I can assure you. 🙂

Love to hear from you.

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