Most authors are not fond of this part of the business. But it is a business, and if you want people to find your product, you must market.

I did a bit of that yesterday when I participated in a Live virtual book event on Facebook. (Thanks, Texas Authors.) I mentioned it last week but didn’t have time to put together a blog to go out earlier than today with the link. I did post on Facebook and Twitter about it. A lot. LOL

As a reader you didn’t get a chance to interact with the authors, which was a bit disappointing, but if you’ve done a Zoom meeting you’ve seen how chaotic that can become figuring out who gets to talk now. LOL

There were four of us; all writing different genres.

I encourage you to check out these folks.

The others spent their 12 minutes talking generally about their books and writing. I spent about three minutes doing that and then read from ACT OF TRUST, Book 2 in The Second Chances Series. Because that’s what I’ve done at other book events and I like to read out loud. 😊

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Of course, I’d rehearsed, checking out camera angles and backgrounds and trying on a half dozen tops to see how they looked on camera. Practiced looking right into the camera and not at the picture of myself or the other authors. Harder than you might think. My theatre background gives me a leg up on this activity.

I did a short reading from VERMONT ESCAPE two years ago, or maybe one, so this wasn’t totally foreign. Except of course, it had been long enough I couldn’t remember how to play back the rehearsal videos. It’s funny to see my face on the video searching for the right spot, which I ultimately found.

Tomorrow at 8 pm there will be another live show with other authors. I think you can find it if you search for Book Festival Network on Facebook.

Eventually, I’ll have a recording of the event to share with you. In the meantime, let’s see if I can post the VERMONT ESCAPE reading. Well, no I couldn’t find it. 😦

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We’ve all seen enough people reporting from home to know that some of them do it rally well—lots of eye contact with the camera—and others not so much. They never quite find the camera. Now I should have done what my friend George told me about and found a good fake background to use. One of the authors did that, but I forgot to work on that until we got on and I saw the author with the background. Sometimes head movement looks a bit odd, but it’s not as busy a background as most of us have. I mean we’re in our homes for goodness sake. Hard to find an uncluttered background. We have a ton of windows at the lake and few walls.

And here’s the link to my Sisterhood of Suspense post from Tuesday.

Have you ever done a LIVE FB or any kind of presentation? Do you watch them? It’s different than our old Facebook launch parties. Those always made me nuts, but you did get to interact. Ah technology! Love to hear from you.

So yeah, it was another busy week. And I’m getting close to having TAINTED ready to send to my Beta readers. Sunday is the last day of May. I’m hopeful of shipping it out by then. Not mid-May as I’d hoped, but technically still May. LOL

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2 responses to “Marketing

  1. Oh yes, I do hope you can get a recording of your Author festival. I’d love that. Could it be on the FB website? I’ve done several FB Lives on my author page and my life storytelling page. In fact, I made a FB Live video on what NOT to do when doing a FB Live. Hee hee. I just tried the new FB meeting room this pm. Disappointed no one came to my meeting. sigh, but at least I put my make up on and did my hair today!!! LOL Enjoying your pictures from the lake. Excited you are so close to releasing your new book. Best wishes!!
    JQ Rose


  2. I watched, Marsha. You were wonderful. And I loved the quote on the plaque that was bought in Maine. I mentioned to Bill the quote when you had finished. He happened to be in the room and also listened to you speak. He said John Lennon wrote the quote unless he got it from someone. It was also in Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. 🙂 Good job!!


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