Life Goes On

Pandemics, atrocities, marches. Thankfully, we see some softening of hearts. Statues are removed. Schools discuss changing hurtful mascots. Folks of all races gather to march. Folks of all races gather across the world. We pray that maybe this time, we’ll see real change.
So far that hasn’t happened where common sense gun laws are concerned, but maybe with race relations, we’ve hit a turning point.  God knows we need to hit a turning point. And when we think we can’t take one more death, one more issue getting voted down (The Senate couldn’t even pass an anti-lynching law for crying out loud!), we dig deep and keep on keeping on.
That’s what faith is all about. Believing in the possibility of things not seen. And so, we must keep the faith.
And life goes on.
I shared a couple of weeks ago that I was doing a Virtual Book Tour sponsored by Book Festival Network a part of Author’s Marketing Guild, LLC. There were five authors on the show, and we all wrote in a different genre. I’ve got the link to my part and hope you’ll find time to watch some of it. All told, it’s just shy of 15 minutes.
If you decide to watch, please ignore the bad sound/picture quality at the beginning. After several minutes, that improves. Of course, I’d like to redo it. It was live. I forgot to set my phone clock to keep track of time, and at one point, I sneak a peak at the clock which caused me to speed up, because I said stuff I hadn’t planned to. And in reading from the book, an extra “bong” jumps in. I just kept on going, but you’ll notice it. LOL
Hoping to make a trip to Galveston in mid-November for an in-person book signing. This promises to be lots of fun. It’s a combination Wine and Book Walk and some bottles of wine will have my book covers on them. Really hope this happens.
Red River babbles and splashes along. So peaceful.
We canceled our trip to Red River in late July. Was hoping to have the 8th book, TAINTED set in Red River out by then, but it will be early fall. One more reason to hope the Galveston trip makes. No, I won’t put the book cover for TAINTED on the wine bottles. It just seems so wrong. LOL
Have you canceled any trips because of the pandemic? Do you sit glued to your TV screen watching the inspirational marches? (Yes, I know there was some looting at the beginning, but now it’s mostly peaceful.) How’s your weather in almost mid-June? We’ve already had temps in the 100s. with more coming next week. ☹ But Tuesday afternoon a cold front blew through, dropping temps by 10 degrees. Wednesday’s high was only 89, with gale force winds blowing. Quite enjoyable.
So, I hope you are well, staying in as much as possible, wearing a mask, and social distancing when you must leave the safety of your home. Love to hear from you.
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6 responses to “Life Goes On

    • Hey, Vicki. One of my daughters and her family is there now, and it’s lovely cool. They got a few snow flakes Tuesday morning. 🙂 They’ve been fishing like crazy and catching. Not many folks there, but they’re having a great time. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  1. Hi Marsha, you did a great job on your video clip. It looks really professional. Maybe not the most important thing here but – I like your hair! (I’m suffering badly from lockdown haircut.) Sorry to hear your trip was cancelled. My daughter was supposed to visit from NZ later in the year, but with quarantine restrictions at both sides, that’s no longer possible 😦 Thank goodness we do have Skype to keep in touch.

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    • Hey, Helena. So sorry to hear about your daughter not being able to visit. I know that’s a disappointment. And yes, technology helps a whole bunch with keeping up with folks. No telling how long this will go on. We still have many people not wearing masks in my town. It’s like, their mind thinks, “Oh, we’re opening up. We must be okay now.” When in fact the only way opening up works is if people wear masks and social distance from others. Don’t get me started. LOL
      Thanks for the good words. I was fortunate to have just gotten in to get my hair done a couple of days before the video. My stylist worked me in, and I’m grateful. One part of me says I shouldn’t be vain, but it’s important to take care of ourselves during these times and that includes psychologically. I feel better when my hair looks better. I’ve put in a couple of my books what my mother always said, “If you’re wearing lipstick, you can handle anything.” LOL Thanks so much for stopping by and for watching a bit of the video. Be safe. 🙂


  2. I listened to your video previously. You did a great job. I hope you get to go to Galveston if it is safe for your book event. We always loved Galveston.

    We have cancelled so much, two holidays with family so far, a family trip to Alaska, the cabin, visiting relatives for a week. We were going to book another trip after the cruise to Alaska out of the country in fall. That’s not going to happen. We are staying home in self-isolation and probably will be through this year into the new year. Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. by ourselves. We also talk with our kids and grandkids on Google Duo. Every time we video chat with our youngest son we sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Dominic. Then Bill thought we should change up the song, so we sang Ba Ba Black Sheep, then he started saying, “ba ba” . We thought “wow” that kid is smart, but it was only because he wanted a bottle…lol, and that’s how he says bottle. He only gets one when he wakes up and goes to bed and this was in the afternoon. Anyway, I said we should go back to Twinkle Twinkle… Lol! 🙂

    You can thank Rand Paul for the bill that would make lynching a federal hate crime. The man is a disgusting example of a human being. He needs to get voted out.

    Great post. 🙂

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    • Hey, Susan. Thanks for watching. Gosh you have had to cancel a lot. I’m so sorry. I know there will come a time when we can all get back out their safely. It just seems it’s going to be into 2021. I hadn’t thought about the two big holidays coming, yet. We’ve been able to be outside for others, but that’s not as likely in November and December. Hmmm. Will need to give that some thought.
      Y’all have had a tough time in Wisconsin. I hope your election though is a sign of the times from a standpoint of results. You have your Rand Paul and we have Ted Cruz. We’re stuck with him for another term, but hopefully we’ll get rid of Cornyn. He’s not saying anything, but that’s the problem, he’s not saying anything, unless it’s to support the president. Sad times.
      Funny story about “ba-ba.” Glad you can see your grands with technology. We’ve been fortunate to see ours for real, but almost no hugs. When you 8 year old granddaughter asks for a hug, well… I put on my mask. She pulls up her shirt over her mouth and nose, and we hug. We’re as careful as we can be. My heart aches for all those losing loved ones. Be safe. Thanks for stopping by.


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