Words of Encouragement

I wrote in my Newsletter last week about the transformation from Sisterhood of Suspense to WORD BY WORD: Women in Writing Offering Encouragement One Word at a Time.  I didn’t have all the live links, and I now do. 😊 See below. Most of the Newsletter was about the sale I ran for VERMONT ESCAPE celebrating its 7th BD. Here’s the newsletter link if you missed it. https://mailchi.mp/4b4fc8cf5bf8/july-newsletter
Flowers smell sweet and look beautifu
I’m so glad this group of 10 writers has come together at this particular time, when we really need to speak and share words of encouragement. I feel especially blessed to work with them. We write in a variety of genres, and I hope you’ll check out some of their books.
Here’s the link to the most recent blog. https://wordbyword.net/2020/07/17/gardening-natures-version-of-yoga-meditation-health-jacqbiggar/ You need to check it out just for the gorgeous pictures. I wrote the first intro post, but this is our first regular post, and Jacquie Biggar set the bar high. I’ve got my work cut out for me before next Tuesday, the last Tuesday of the month, which is my regular day to post on Word By Word.
Every Sunday, we’ll post Lines. Sometimes, from our books, but mostly from others, and concepts we’ve internalized. https://wordbyword.net/category/blog/
We also have a Facebook site. Please check it out and follow us there. https://www.facebook.com/WordbyWordWomen
Here’s our Twitter link: https://twitter.com/Wordbyword5 Please follow us there, too. We’ve not been live long, so bear with us getting stuff out there.


I’ve been busy incorporating my editor’s comments into TAINTED. Still waiting on my Cover Artist, but times are crazy for sure. Thinking I’ll be able to publish it by mid to late September. Will keep you posted.
Love Sunrises. It means you have another opportunity.
Here’s my word of encouragement:
 “Never, never, never, give up.” Winston Churchill
Where do you go for encouragement? How do you lift yourself out of the dumps? Do you meditate? Read? Exercise? Hope to see you over on Word By Word on Tuesday and Fridays when we post there, and of course, here on my Thursday Blog. Be safe. Love to hear from you.
You may recognize this from the banner on my blog here and on my newsletter. Love the Portland Light. When I can’t get to Maine in person, I always have my pictures
Contact me at marsha@marsharwest.com or through my web site https://authormarsharwest.wordpress.com/ where you can also sign up for my NEWSLETTER , Blog, or check out any of my social media sites.https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn Facebook
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10 responses to “Words of Encouragement

    • Hey, Vicki. I have some friends here who play mahjongg–at least they did before the virus set in. Interesting about the BC history podcasts. Hmm. We do like history. We’ve watched the History channel’s recent coverage of WWII that was told not just from the US perspective. Fascinating. We like to do podcasts when we’re on a long drive. Haven’t done many of those lately. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. I love gardening, too, Marsha. Jacqui’s post was gorgeous! I also love walking, as you know, and I’m lucky to live near some lovely countryside, but even when I was living in a city I tried to find the green spaces and I enjoyed exploring different areas. Your group sounds great. Finding like-minded friends is also really important.

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    • Hey, Helena. I love the pictures you post. You sure do live in gorgeous countryside. I’m grateful for these friends. A little like your group from your Miss Moonshine’s Anthology. And you get to see them in person. We’re spread all over, so especially grateful to get together on Zoom for the planning. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂

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    • Hey, Jacquie. Yes, of course. I’m excited about our new direction, too. I was pretty disappointed when it looked like the group would disband. Your post was magnificent. Hard act to follow for sure. Thanks for stopping by. :

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  2. I just came back from a walk minutes ago in our neighborhood. 99% of the time I walk in the university grounds which is beautiful, but it’s nice also to see neighbors. Today I didn’t see any for the first time. I always like to visit from a distance. And I always carry a mask that I can quickly put on in case I see someone coming my way. Walking gave me encouragement today.

    I do have an online meditation class that meets Thursday evenings. It doesn’t come close to what I had when I started meditation in college. The teacher asks for requests and last week I asked for a meditation where we are at the beach (Lake Michigan…lol.) hearing the waves, walking in the water, and lying in the sun feeling the warmth. She did this once before than deleted it. I’ve done a lot of visualizing in the past and did experience everything I mentioned above while lying down in a cold room.

    We all have to have something that encourages us, gives us hope in this trying time. Thank you for your post.

    P.S. Often I do the treadmill when watching the PBS Newshour for additional exercise and I started doing the Jane Fonda workout I did after I gave birth to Peter. I’ve had pain in my right arm and leg since last May (2019) when I fell off my bike. (I fell off my bike this year too.) I started wearing a compression stocking on my right leg and it has done miracles.

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  3. Hey, Susan. Wow, I’m impressed with all your meditation, but it makes sense. You always strike me as a very calm person. Sorry about the owies. Hope that improves quickly. We dcn’t have room for a stationary bike or walker. So I just hike in the house, when it’s too hot. Like today. Be safe. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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  4. I am thrilled you have started Word by Word. Refreshing and I love the mission for the group. Great authors are in this bunch. Congratulations on being able to work together to encourage so many folks. Good news about Tainted. I think September will be a good month for a new release.

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    • Hey, JQ. Glad you like the new blog. Yes, there are some very good authors in the group, and I’m thrilled to be a part of them. I love we write in different genres. In today’s world, it would be so easy to get beaten down by circumstances. Or just feeling like we’re all lost. I like having this extra responsibility to stay upbeat for my buds on the blog and hopefully, we can share that positive feeling with others. I do completely believe that when we work together we can accomplish amazing things. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


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