September Already?

How is it possible? But yes, it’s September after what seemed like a really long summer. Lots of changes, and yet everything stays the same. We’re all still wearing masks, social distancing, ritually scrubbing our hands, and going in and out of places rapidly for necessities. Ordering from restaurants for pickup or maybe the patio, but surely not going in.
Schools are stutteringly beginning. My heart aches for families, teachers, staffs, and students. What a difficult time.
But good news, too. We’re staying well. That’s a biggee. When this first began, I really feared getting sick and ending up in the hospital on a ventilator. Now, I realize, because I’m privileged to be able to stay in my house and only leave at my own choice of time and place, I can stay well. (I do not support some officials plan to just let us all get Covid 19 with many deaths and then ultimately develop herd immunity. That’s just nuts!) I also realize, it’s possible we won’t make our 50 Wedding Anniversary trip to Maine, next summer or fall because it may still not be safe. I’d like to say I’m cautiously optimistic, but I’m not really, and I’m a generally optimistic person. I’m at least optimistic enough to believe, we will get through this. Some time. In the future.
My rocky coast of Maine
Other good news. I can do a Cover Reveal. Maybe I should’ve led with this. 😊 Also, I’m thinking the book will release in September rather than October. Gonna try not doing a pre-release sale, and just encourage everyone to purchase on release day and to post a review as soon as possible. I’ve been hearing mixed reports on pre-release sales. I’m publishing with Draft 2 Digital again, and they will put it up on all the venues. Way easier for me. 😊 Thank you Charlie Volnek. You captured a good likeness to Red River, New Mexico.
This is exciting. Tomorrow, I’m one of two other guests on Ellis Vidler’s post. She does this really cool thing, sending three authors a picture and asks them to write a short response to it. I think we had to stay under 600 words. I checked out her earlier posts. Here’s a link to her site for the August First Friday post. Such good writing. I’ll post the link that has my post on Facebook and Twitter tomorrow. So I hope you’ll stop by and comment.
I’d be remiss to omit mentioning that my youngest grandchild, Sarah, celebrates her 9th Birthday Saturday, September 5 at the lake with the family. Happy Birthday, Sarah.
This was two years ago working in her school garden.
Monday is Labor Day. Since moving to the lake, we’ve had a large family and friends’ gatherings on this weekend, but we won’t be doing that this year. I miss those gatherings. However, this year more than ever, we need to stop a moment and give thanks for the folks working to keep our country moving forward. Many of whom are on the front lines, putting their own health at risk.
This is from last year. Not sure where Laura is. I think I took the picture.
Next week I’ll have a guest author, Alan Bourgeois…… Besides being an author, he organized and runs Texas Authors, Inc. and also Authors Marketing Guild. If you’re an author, you’ll be especially interested, and as a reader you might find a new author.
That Thursday is when I would normally write on my blog about 9/11. This year will be the 19th anniversary. Also, hard to believe. My Newsletter which will go out the third week of the month will focus on this event.
Lastly, on September 18 I’ll be participating in a Facebook event with over 100 other authors on the Isn’t It Romantic Book Club. Join up and have a chance to win books and find new authors.
I’ll be giving a way a pdf of SECOND ACT to one lucky reader. All you have to do to play is answer my question. 🙂
I hope you’ve registered to vote. Are you voting early, mailing in, or going in person on the day of? The election is 2 months from today. This one is super important.
Be safe out there. Love to hear from you.
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6 responses to “September Already?

    • Hey, Jacquie. I’ve had a ton of fun planning for the anniversary trip to Maine. At one point, I’d wanted to take the whole family, but after a time, realized I’d have to make those reservations way before anyone could really commit to going and decided just to have folks here at the lake next summer, and Bob and I would make the trip just ourselves. We’ll see. It’s still possible. Hard to complain too much when we live on our lake. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂

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  1. September always seems to come too fast but, you’re right. I.wish Covid-19 had never happened but we are learning we can live with. I even go out for weekly brunches with my son, still at Whitespot. Again, the same, but different. I love the cover of Tainted and will be getting a copy ASAP.
    Congratulations on your 50th. I know you won’t be able to celebrate as planned but you can celebrate after. Being able to have that close a connection to another person and still going strong is, I think, the real reward.
    And, although school is different this year, I think a lot of kids are still looking forward to it up here. Although I don’t see much evidence of back to school shopping, I.suspect it’s probably delayed. Or we may be realizing brand new clothes for school are not that important.

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    • Hey, Pat. Glad you like the cover. Charlie, my CA, really struggled with it. First one since the4 part series that all had the blood drops. Money laundering is not as easy to depict. But I think she did a great job capturing Red River. Yes, we are blessed indeed to still be together, sharing the good and the bad with way more goods than bad. We’ll get through the school mess. Too bad, we didn’t take the steps we needed to get a handle on the virus in the first place. In Texas, our Governor opened up too soon and too fast. Wasted our good lockdown. And people are nuts resisting wearing masks or wearing them properly. Don’t get me started. LOL Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂 Marsha


  2. Great cover, Marsha! Congratulations! I plan on doing a pre-order on Dress to Kill. You’ll have to let me know how it works not doing one.

    Like you, at the beginning of Covid I also thought what were the chances of no one in our family contracting the virus. Although, Bill and I are much more careful than the rest of the family, still staying in isolation, everyone has stayed safe. I hope and pray we all continue to.

    This is an exciting time for you (and for me). New books coming out.

    As far as travelling, I do hope you can make your 50th anniversary trip. Once this is over, or under control, or have received an effective vaccine (not a hurried one) we do not plan on being home much. We’ve already decided to go on two trips a month, however big or small.


  3. Catching up. Where did September go? LOL. Congrats on your upcoming 50th! Where did 50 years go? That’s how I felt in June. Our 50th-anniversary party was canceled, but you know I think the cookout with family was just right. We had a great time together. And much less stress for the old bride!
    JQ Rose


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