Fall Vacations & Voting

This is the time we’re usually heading to New England or occasionally the northwest for a fall vacation. Not to be this year. I’m sad. We didn’t make it last year because a family vacation took precedence, which is okay, but we thought we’d be going this year.

Now don’t get me wrong, we’ve got so much for which to be thankful. Number 1 is our health. Aside from seasonal allergies, we’re doing great, and so are the various members of our family.

But, oh, I’m missing me some fall colors and cooler temps. (Our temps are not bad right now. I’m grateful, but it’s not the same.) A friend in New England sent me pics that made me drool.

So my plan to get me through this time right around Columbus Day/Indigenous People’s Day when we usually travel to New England is to look back at all my old pics of our various trips to Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and multiple places in Maine. And because I’m a pretty generous person, I’m going to be sharing them with you today and maybe for a couple of Thursdays.

Before I begin the visual trip to New England, I must take a moment and talk about how important it is for us all to vote this year. Our country is in crisis both politically and health-wise. Pray for those who have lost loved ones to the virus and for those who are ill. Pray for all those who are caring for those who are sick.

Do you have a plan to vote? My husband is planning on voting early. We’re lucky in Texas to be able to vote early in person. That’s what we traditionally do. I fear really long lines and have ordered a vote by mail ballot. I’ll drive down to the drop off place. We only have one place in Tarrant County, but that’s not a problem here like it is in Harris County where Houston is. That county is about the size of Rhode Island. One drop off site there is really about voter suppression. Before Gov. Abbot acted, Harris County had 11 sites.

Okay so what are your voter plans? Are you taking a fall vacation? Have you gone on any vacation this year? If not when next year do you think you might go?

I hope you enjoy these pics and are inspired to travel to this gorgeous part of our country.

This is the entrance to the White Mountain Resort we stayed in on our first trip, a great old historic hotel.
New Hampshire, just down the road from the resort.
Same Area

Snow on the White Mountains.

New Hampshire is such a beautiful state. On this trip we also stopped to visit friends in Vermont. Acltually, the friend who sent me the first pics in this blog. Thanks, Klaran. She and her husband introduced us to Woodstock which became the setting for my first published book, VERMONT ESCAPE.

On a later trip I saw this house which became the inspiration for the house the heroine in VERMONT ESCAPE rented.

So many more. I should make a book. Have you ever made a book from your vacation photos? Love to hear form you. Be safe.

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6 responses to “Fall Vacations & Voting

  1. Great post, Marsha! Good to see the pictures and to hear you speak out about one form of voter suppression. Shame on the Governor. 👏👏👏

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    • Hey, Ken. My pics bring great joy to me. I need to remember to take time and browse through them all more often. It’s like needing to take time to smell the roses. 🙂 Sometimes I get too focused on work. You get to see this kind of vista all the time. Yeah, this step by Gov. Abbot is just such blatant voter suppression and of an area that has high numbers of minorities and low income folks. He’s also opening up our bars to higher percentages of folks. Guessing you won’t find many masks in those places. Hope more folks don’t become deathly ill. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂 You and Anne be safe.


  2. Love your fall pictures of New England. Our trees in W. Michigan seem to be turning colors earlier this year. We are enjoying them before leaving for FL this weekend. So I guess that’s our fall trip. In such a crazy year 2020, our county had a hiccup with the ballot. They sent out the ballot but did not include one of the judges. So we had to destroy our ballot and wait for a new one. Thank goodness it arrived in time for us to vote and take it to city hall to be counted. We have voted absentee for years since we are in FL in Nov. Last year, MI made it law that everyone can vote absentee, no qualifications needed like age, illness, or absence, etc. Everyone can request and vote absentee. I can imagine someday sitting in FL and casting my vote on election day in MI via the Internet. How will they make it secure enough is my question? Yes, I agree. Vote, vote, vote. But just once! LOL

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    • Hey, JQ. Great that you have so many opportunities to vote. Our by mail option only applies to being literally absent of over 65. Glad you got your good ballot and could cast your vote. That must have been a bit nerve wracking. Has it turned cold up there already? Hope you have safe travels to FL. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  3. Hi Marsha, I love your photos. I’m very sorry you don’t get to go away this year. I haven’t been outside Yorkshire all year, and hardly far from my home at all.
    It’s interesting how you vote. We have to register in good time if we want a postal vote, but anyone can have one. It can be posted in any postbox. Voting is done locally in our local church hall – everyone in the country voting on the same day, and by 10pm – with a cross on a slip of paper. It seems so old-fashioned, but like you say, going online would only create all sorts of problems. Wishing you all the best for your election.

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    • Hey, Helena. Glad you enjoyed the pics. Aren’t you in a small community? I would think that would make voting less complicated. I love that y’all allow anyone to get a mail-in ballot. Some of our states do that. Texas doesn’t. So you don’t have any early voting at all? Do you usually vote in person or use a mail in ballot? Worse things than no trips, but still… Thanks for stopping by.:)


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