More New England Pictures

Last week I told you I’d share more of our wonderful pics from our New England trips. I’ll scatter them through this post. Before that, I want to encourage you to VOTE. This is an important election.

Cottage in Boothbay Harbor, Maine 2nd time staying here.

I’d also like to recommend a book to you. You’ll be surprised. It’s not a romance book, or a cozy mystery. It’s what Bob used to call a “real” book. This was back in our early years of marriage, and I was inhaling romance novels by the bucket load, mostly from the library. He told me for every 5 romances, you should read a “real” book. I know he’d consider Fareed Zakaria’s book, Ten Lessons for the Post-Pandemic World to be a “real” book. I only read about 1 chapter at a time, then I go away and mull a bit before tackling another.

The Demarriscotta River from our balcony.

You may be familiar with him from CNN. He’s really studied the situation we’re in and analyzed how we got here. It didn’t start just four years ago. The focus is not just on the US but has a larger world view. I’m five chapters in and highlighting as I go! Here’s are two sections I highlighted:

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens near Boothbay Harbor

“Everyone is connected, but no one is in control. In other words, the world we live is open, fast—and thus, almost by definition, unstable.”

Pumpkin Contest in Damariscotta, Maine.

“A 2019 UN report, written by 145 experts (must’ve had really long meetings. 😊) drawn from fifty countries concluded that ‘nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented inhuman history.’  It noted that 75% of all land has been severely altered by human actions, as has 66 % of the world’s ocean area.”

The Portland Head Light built in 1787.I use it in my banner. I took this pic.

Shocking, right? As I said, he has a global perspective. I’ll share what I learn after I finish reading the book.

Future events:

Next Monday Oct. 19, I’ll have a guest here. Carolyn Williams and I are swapping blogs.

Saturday, November 7, I’ll have a Zoom meeting as a part of National Authors Day from 10 to 10:30 where we’ll be able to see each other and chat. More info as we get closer to this time.

All of November I’ll have two books on FREE working with my writing chapter, NTRWA.

The Rocky coast of Maine.
Of course, the Lobster Roll.

Do you have special places you love to visit? Have you voted yet? Love to hear from you.

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2 responses to “More New England Pictures

  1. Fareed’s book is in my TBR pile, which doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller lately. It felt good to cast my vote yesterday.


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