To Halloween or Not

I’m continuing this fall theme I’ve had going for a while and will share some more of our fall vacation pictures. I’m sorry, but it really helps me not miss going to New England quite as much. Makes me realize how blessed we’ve been to make so many trips up there. I’d be hard pressed to pick my favorite. We’ve even returned to several locations.

Moosehead Lake
Schooner in Bar Harbor, Maine

Halloween in our family has always been pretty big. When the girls were little, we all put on costumes and went out trick or treating. Well, the girls collected. We didn’t. LOL My mom made many of my costumes when I was a kid, and I helped come up with ones for the girls when they were little. Not sure I actually sewed them. 😊

One of the girls had a costume party for her birthday one year. And now, with their own kids, costumes are still a big thing. We have the added celebration on that day because of the Ss-IL’s BD is Oct. 31. So their family has really celebrated this holiday.

Kathryn on the left. Laura on the right.

Did you have any favorite costumes either as a kid or adult? Mine is always the gypsy girl. When I was a kid my mother made the costume for me. As an adult, I used my mother’s red satin full skirt with a net crinoline she’d used for something. I actually still have this skirt, but think I’ve passed it to younger daughter. No way could I hook the waist now. LOL I matched the skirt with a black silk round necked blouse and lots of necklaces, bracelets, and special earrings of my mom’s, which I still have. Wore a red long scarf in my hair. This was just the best.

A little older.
The material was a tube I’d had since I lived in Puerto Rico. I used it as a toga type costume. This was about 14 lifetimes ago. LOL

(Okay, so I went to look for a picture of the Gypsy costume. Went through all 25 or so photo albums. In the process, I dusted and mopped where we keep them under a bench against our windows.

Saw some neat pics of our daughters, which I’ve shared above, but not the one of me I was looking for. However, I found the skirt and blouse hanging in my second closet. The fact I still have it indicates how special this outfit was too me. Partly because it was from my mom and partly, because I felt so special in the get up.)

Red satin skirt with black blouse.

Are your kids or grands going out this year? How do you feel about this year from a safety standpoint?

Have you voted yet? We did on Tuesday, Oct. 20. Took only 25 minutes. No incidents. I’d worried over nothing. Hmmm. What can I learn from that? 😊 Feels really good. Now if there was some way after you voted, technology figured a way to stop sending commercials your way. LOL

Proud to live in country where I can vote.

Book News:

I’m almost ready to upload THE THEATRE to iTunes. For some reason it never got published there. I’ve revised it a bit and will probably change it up on all the sites. I hadn’t read this book in several years. My goodness. It’s hot! LOL I didn’t remember that. Recently, someone asked me about the heat level in my books. Each one is different, depending on what the story needed. Probably, THE THEATRE is the hottest, followed by SECOND ACT, TRUTH BE TOLD, VERMONT ESCAPE. The other four are pretty mild.

Still waiting for the print version of TAINTED.

Monday, I hosted my friend Carolyn Rae here. She hosted me on her site. Here’s the link.

Be safe out there. Love to hear from you.

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6 responses to “To Halloween or Not

  1. Good morning, Marsha! Mom said we had to create our own costumes; so we did something. I don’t remember except for an old prom dress I paid 25cents for at a sale. And the boys always wanted to be Batman, except one year #1son was a cowboy. LOLOL

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  2. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of Maine, Marsha. It looks a wonderful place for a holiday.
    I’ve been wondering if the children will come round trick or treating this year. We’re in a fairly strict lockdown here. My husband said to leave the treats in a bucket outside and let the kids help themselves, but I think the first group will probably take the lot 😀 Perhaps we can put them out bit by bit. Hope you enjoy the day!

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    • Hey, Helena. On the lake, we don’t have kids come by. Our front door faces the lake. 🙂 I haven’t heard what the grands will do. I’m sure something. Halloween has always been a big deal in our families. Sorry, the virus is so bad in the UK. It’s going strong here, too, but no leadership to back off things like bars and restaurants. I hear the folks concerned about our businesses, but hey, if we let the virus run rampant and go for that heard thing, the president talks about, there won’t be anyone around to go into those bars. (Apologies for the rant! Thanks so much for stopping by and be safe. 🙂


  3. That is so cool how you have kept your gypsy costume.Halloween IS a big deal in your family. Loved the pics. I hate to be a downer, but I hate Halloween.Too scary for me. Funny though that my first published novel had elements of horror in it! Yes, we voted. Your pic with the mask and the sticker is so cute. Whoever loses will have a recount if the vote is close enough or sue somebody using the premise the Russians hacked our polls or the US Mail messed up. Even with all that, I am glad we are free to vote and have so many rights in the USA that citizens take for granted. I love the USA!

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    • Hey, JQ. I think it’s so funny that Halloween scares you. Besides your first book, didn’t your last book set in the retirement center have some oohey stuff going on? I’m glad to no longer have to buy Halloween candy, which I always ended up eating way too much of. I was relieved the voting in person experience was uneventful. I know it’s not that way some places. And yes, I too, am grateful to have the right and the responsibility of voting. Praying for a peaceful transition of power. Thanks for stopping by.


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