Veterans Day and Free Books

Charley came out to watch me take a pic of the flag.

Yesterday, we flew our flag outside our house to commemorate Veterans Day. My father served in North Africa in WWII, Korea, and Thailand during the Viet Nam War. We were fortunate that he came home from all those times and continued serving to be honorably discharged after 30 years. To all those who served, are serving, and to their families, thank you. You made sacrifices to keep our country safe.

So, as some of you know, the Zoom meeting link from last Saturday didn’t work. I’m so sorry, I didn’t have that correct. I had a fun time planned for us, and I will reschedule that for early December.

In the meantime, you can still get FREE BOOKS by going to

You’ll see not only my two books, SECOND ACT Book 1 The Second Chances Series & TRUTH BE TOLD, but those of Carolyn Rae, CA Szarek, Jen Fitzgerald, Sharla Wilde, and Susie Sheehy in a variety of genres under the umbrella of Romance.

In case you missed the Virtual Book Festival Event at the first of the month, here’s the link to that. You can HEAR me reading from ACT OF TRUST, Book 2 in the Second Chances Series at this link.

If you want to SEE & HEAR this presentation, here’s the link for that.

Readings are fun for me to do, and I hope you’ll check out one or both of these.

Christmas Book Update: I’ve already got more than 7000 words. Not many on the way to 70-80 K, but when I sit down the words just flow. Pretty exciting. I love the fictional town of Tidbury and the Green that is the center of the small town. Yes, there will be a Christmas Tree lighting and carols with folks gathered around the bandstand in the center of the Green. It won’t be a true Hallmark book because I had a murder right after I started writing. Kind of shocked me. LOL I’m shooting for a release next fall.

I’m “pantsing” this book more than any so far. I guess I just had to write enough books to trust the muse. (This is the 11th book I’m working on.)  Let me give you an example of how far I’ve moved from the plotter I began as. The hero first sees the heroine, and I realized I didn’t know what she looked like for him to describe. LOL So I stopped and filled out my charts for both of the main characters. So while I’m not a “plotter” anymore, and maybe have even moved past being a “plotser” a term I used for my writing style, I may have moved closer to being a “pantser.” That’s the term for writers who sit down at the computer and words just flow from their fingertips, and they really have no idea where the story is going. Those are the authors with the real magic. I’m not there yet but getting closer.

I hope you are being safe. I’m sure you’ve read how bad things have gotten here in Texas, especially El Paso, which is a long way from Fort Worth. Please pray for those who have this virus and for those caring for them. I can’t imagine where they’re getting the strength to keep going to work every day, watching so many people on their watch die. God give them strength. When we get passed this time, and we will, I hope we’ll be able to support all those who suffer from PTSD which so many are likely to suffer.  And please remember to wear your mask.

Do you care about how a writer writes? How has your fall been? Ours has been pretty good. Not as good as last year, but still nice. Always love to hear from you.

You can contact me at or through my web site where you can also sign up for my NEWSLETTER , Blog, or check out any of her social media sites.  @Marsharwest

One response to “Veterans Day and Free Books

  1. Yes, I absolutely care about how writers write. Even if I truly enjoy the story, sometimes the style of writing impedes my enjoyment of the book. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the authors writing, it just doesn’t fit my own reading preferences.
    Fall has started off a bit crazy for me, but finally I see things settling down, thank goodness.


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