Vicki Batman, Guest in the Nest

My good friend Vicki Batman is my guest today. And she’s got just what you need to cheer you up. Welcome, Vicki, and take it away:

What’s your favorite holiday?

Many people love Thanksgiving—all the pumpkin pie, turkey, family and friends, and falling leaves.

I know someone who loves Halloween. She always had an amazing costume. And is there anything more fun than little kids screaming, “Trick or Treat?”

I am a Christmas person. I love the movies, the treats, the tree, buying gifts, family and friends, and fruitcake.

Ever since I began writing short stories, I’ve written holiday ones. Holiday short stories which feature a cute-meet, boy meets girl, small-town romance ones.

“The Great Fruitcake Bake-off” began when I sat down to write a new story and told myself I wanted to write one to honor my grandmother’s fruitcake. Every Thanksgiving, Grandmother would bake her famous (in our family) Tomato Cake. I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Tomato Cake, Vicki?” It’s not what you think. This dessert is a wartime recipe and yes, it does contain tomato soup as the liquid, but it is a fruitcake. Lots of nuts, raisins, dates, with a dash of spices and pineapple compose the batter. And better yet, topped with a pineapple cream cheese frosting.

“Christmas Romeo” began when I wanted to remember the Rhine River cruise Handsome and I took. I loved this trip so much, I hated leaving the ship. Although my cruise was in the summer, I knew the cruise line had a Christmas market one. Lots of treats, holiday feeling, gift buying.

“Twinkle Lights” commemorates my love for Christmas trees. For many years, my family and I went to the tree farm and chopped our own. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, and road the hayride through the fields in our quest to find the perfect one. Drought killed many of the farms, and #1 and #2sons outgrew the event. So Handsome and I turned our eyes on perfect Fraser firs. We always haggle about the height, the fullness, and the freshness. But every argument is worth it when the piney scent imbues our home.

Do you have a favorite holiday or celebration?

Well, Vicki. You know mine is definitely Thanksgiving. I write about it all the time on my blog, newsletter, in some books and post pics on FB and Instagram. I can never have too much Thanksgiving. 🙂

Hey, friends, we’d love to hear from you. Vicki, thanks for coming by to share some cheer. 🙂

Don’t you love Vicki’s cover?!

Love blossoms in the small town of Sommerville in these heartwarming holiday tales, filled with fun and forever possibilities.

The Great Fruitcake Bake-off: When a five-time baking champion teams up with her new neighbor for The Great Fruitcake Bake-off, they discover baking a prize-winning entry is complicated, bad guys are plotting to take the crown, and first prize isn’t just about a ribbon.

Christmas Romeo: When two feuding co-workers win Christmas river cruises at the company holiday party, they discover each other isn’t so bad after all.

Twinkle Lights: When the owner of a Christmas tree stand has a heart attack, a do-gooder and a reformed high school delinquent turned lawyer meet the challenges of running the establishment; yet, when revenue goes missing, fingers are pointed.

About Vicki: Funny, sweet, and quirky, Vicki Batman’s stories are full of her hallmark humor and romance and will delight all readers. She has sold many romantic comedy works to magazines, several publishers, and most recently, three humorous romantic mysteries. Along the way, she has picked up awards and bestsellers. Avid Jazzerciser. Handbag lover. Mahjong player. Yoga practitioner. Movie fan. Book devourer. Chocaholic. Best Mom ever. And adores Handsome Hubby.

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10 responses to “Vicki Batman, Guest in the Nest

    • Hey, Vicki. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I’m grateful it looks like the weather will cooperate and we’ll be eating our turkey and sharing the things we’re grateful for outside on the lawn, enjoying the view of the lake. 🙂


    • Hey, Helena. Yes, I love Vicki’s cover, too. It looks like it it could be the lead in for a Hallmark movie, movies I’m inhaling right now. LOL You’ll enjoy Vicki’s stories, too. She’s got a good sense of humor. Always makes me smile. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


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