Holiday Decorations

Even though no one will be coming to our house, I’ve decorated and finally finished getting everything done including the outside lights. The lights on the fence will be nice for those who drive by, and the lights on the dock are good for the boaters still out and about.

We’re having a much warmer December than usual, which hopefully means we might be able to get together outside for Christmas, the way we did for Thanksgiving. I know that’s not an option for many folks.

One of the reasons I just finished the lights yesterday is last week I was doing a Book In A Week (BIAW) exercise with Beverly Bateman. No, the goal is not really to write a whole book in a week, but to commit to writing words every day. My goal was approximately two hours a day for 2000 words a day. And I did that and a bit more, writing 17,943. Pretty proud of myself. And I love the way I’m writing. When I sit down, stuff just seems to pour through my fingertips to the computer. Now, this doesn’t mean all of these are great words, by any means, LOL but the story is getting out there.

Let me share pictures of some of my decorating efforts.

Lights. First year for the lights on the dock and the lighted deer.

Deer & Moose we’ve collected form all over, including Walmart. 🙂

Snowpeople, which I used to collect. The Tree which we downsized when we moved to the lake, but I like it a lot. One of our granddaughters helped with the process.

I hope staying in is not too much of a hardship on you. I hope you’re keeping up with friends and family. Read something positive and uplifting. I just finished the first in the CATS series by my friend, fellow author, and member of our WORD BY WORD BLOG, Kathryn Jane. You know I’m not a cat person. I’m a dog person, but Kathryn’s writing is just beautiful, and you will be uplifted by the courageous cat stories she tells. Here’s a link for her latest Cats book.

kathryn_jane_cats_volume-6-copied-from-fb.jpg (505×758) (

While you’re at Amazon, stop by and get TAINTED, my recent release set in Red River, NM. This book has a cute dog as one of the characters.  Here’s the Universal Link so, you can use any format you choose. I haven’t received the draft print copy yet, but I’ve heard it was sent, which is encouraging.

Happy Hanukkah, which begins today, to my Jewish friends.

We certainly have good news about the Coronavirus vaccine. Will you take it when it’s available for your demographic? How long do you leave up your decorations after Christmas? Love to hear from you.

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2 responses to “Holiday Decorations

  1. I love looking at Christmas decorations. Yours are beautiful.

    Wow! Your word count is incredible. I am thrilled if I get 500 words for all day of writing. And it hardly ever happens. You’ll have your next book out before you know it. I’m not planning to write until after New Year’s. I’m giving myself two years for the next book and more if I need it.

    Today I made my first batch of Christmas cookies.

    Enjoy the holidays, Marsha and Bob! Merry Christmas! And a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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    • Hey, Susan. Glad you like our decorations. Gone are the days when we used to have two large trees. One the fancy one in the front window and the second the family one in the den. I remember our first Christmas in the new house, the one we built, I was consumed with having that fancy second tree. I had a good time shopping for exactly what ornaments and ribbon for it. Now you’ve made me curious. I’ll have to see if I can find a picture of it. I made one apple cake, which played havoc with the scales. It was scrumptious, if I do say so. LOL I may make one batch of a take off on my grandmother’s Hermits that I make with mincemeat. Haven’t made them in several years. Again, I have no will power where they are concerned. Yes, I have made good progress on this next book, but a steady 500 a day is great. I wrote every day, but I don’t usually. In fact, now haven’t written since Sunday. Lots of Christmas stuff to do. I wanted it to be a Hallmarkish Christmas story, but it’s just not that yet. Maybe when I get to the Christmas part it will morph into that. This pantsing is really rough. LOL Merry Christmas to you and Bill. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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