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Last Friday, I participated in Abbie Roads FB party to celebrate the release of her latest book, CAPTURING FATE with a contest. I’m excited to announce the winners: Courtney Kinder received a print copy of SECOND ACT. Cindy Szollyga received the Starbucks GC. Lisa Jakeway received the e-copy of TAINTED. Ove 40 readers played along on my contest sharing pictures of some of their favorite places. I was of course showing shots of New England, especially Maine. Thanks to all of you and hopefully, some of you are here now. 😊

I’ve been busy playing with Canva to make graphics to use on FB, Twitter, and Instagram. I gotta tell you, it’s so fun! I’m amazed at what I can do with this Free app.

For Facebook and Instagram. Please share when you see it. 🙂
I post the Universal Link. Please share.

The wonderful person who has done Bitty Booklets for almost all of my books isn’t in business anymore, her company, a victim of Covid, as she lost many of her vendors. I’m so sorry. Loran Glover is a great person to work with. And everyone I handed one of her Bitty Booklets to, loved them.

So again I’m turning to Canva to come up with a card that will show my books. Not a bookmark. Those aren’t large enough for all the info. I probably won’t do a separate piece for each new book. That was the excellent thing about the Bitty Booklets. They emphasized the new book with blurb and lines from it, but also showcased my other books and had a Bio piece and all my social media links.

Wanted to share the draft, but couldn’t figure how to do that. Long story. I really miss having stuff just about TAINTED in it. Ah well. The graphics for FB, Twitter, and Instagram have lines from my books. Everything changes. We’ve got to figure out what is “good enough.” I just read a post by a writer friend about that. Good Enough is Good Enough | Joanne Guidoccio Check it out.

Covid Vaccination Update: Despite having called several times, we haven’t been contacted about a date for our first shot. Everyone who registered Dec. 30 when Bob and I did, have gotten their first shot. People who registered a week after we did have their first shot. People who are considerably younger than we are have their first shot.

Now let me be clear, I don’t begrudge them their shots. I’m thrilled and happy for them. The more of us who can get vaccinated the better for our world.

But you see if I go to Baskin Robbins or Central Market to buy their prepared food, they have a ticket system. You pull off your ticket with a number on it. You know that when they get to your number, you get your ice cream, or grilled salmon. Why can’t the shots work that way? The only answer I get when I call Tarrant County is to check with Texas Health Resources, where my friends and I were assigned the second week of January. When I call them they say Tarrant County has the list. Tarrant County tells me I’m on the list, but not where I am. And still we hear nothing.

Now Bob’s doctor has told him to register at all the places, CVS, Wallgreens, & Albertsons. But that just seems wrong. Tarrant County should be sending us to those places. Registering at lots of places just clogs the system. How will they ever keep up with who has gotten a shot that way?!

You can see my befuddlement and frustration at getting the run-around. If Baskin Robbins and Central Market can make this waiting in line work and make sense, why can’t our health department?

Rant over.

I pray we can all get our shots. We want to hug our families and friends again. Not to mention eat out in a restaurant safely or go on a trip safely.  

Have you received your shots? How long did you have to wait? As always I love to hear from you.

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2 responses to “Contest Winners & Other Stuff

  1. Hi Marsha, I use Canva too, and I’ve found it a really useful resource for social media, and also even for making book covers. Amazing what tools are out there. There’s one here for making 3D book covers which you might find useful
    I’m sorry to hear you still haven’t had your jab. That’s very frustrating. I hope it gets sorted out soon. Very best of luck with it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, Helena. I’ll check out the 3-D thing. Looks interesting. Very frustrating about the jab. Still not word and now when I call, the message says they have no info about the wait list! GRRR!. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll check out the link. 🙂


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