Here in Texas, spring is slipping in almost unnoticed. Not with the big splash it usually arrives with, but you can see signs if you look carefully. I will sprinkle in pictures of some of those signs near me, but I also want us to look at other signs of rebirth. Like how many people are getting vaccinated. Something like roughly over half the people who are over 65 have at least 1 shot. Bob and I get our second shot March 14. Two weeks after that we’ve got an appointment to hug our grands! I know that’s what lots of folks are looking forward to.

We’ll be able to eat a meal together with our family members who’ve also been vaccinated in our home without wearing masks. Oh, my gosh, I’m looking forward to that. I’ll go back to picking up one of my granddaughters from school weekly. We’d cut that out because she and her family were attending dance conventions and being with lots more people who they weren’t close to.

You’ve probably heard the Texas Governor has opened everything up and lifted the state mask mandate. His decision flies in the face of scientific evidence. Fortunately, most businesses are sticking with science and the stats and maintaining their mask requirement to enter. I will continue to wear my mask even after I get my second shot, and I will not enter a business that doesn’t maintain the mask mandate.

Grass turning green.

We’ve stepped out in faith and made plans to visit Maine and New Hampshire in the Fall. We’re talking with family about maybe going to Red River this summer. I hope I can have a book signing there for TAINTED which is set in that charming town.

And yes, I do finally have Print Book available. Here’s the link Tainted: West, Marsha R: 9780998941561: Books. I don’t have personal copies yet, for those of you who live in Fort Worth, but I will soon.

Life is slowly returning to what we were used to before the pandemic. I think there will be changes. We will never take for granted those folks who continued to work to make sure we could put food on our plates or delivered our mail and packages. And certainly not our incredible health care workers and caregivers, who literally lost their lives trying to save so many of us.

Aren’t these calves precious?

I hope we’ve learned that in this country we don’t treat people equitably. We didn’t before the pandemic, but the pandemic has ripped the blinders off for many of us. And then I hope more of us will be moved to do something about that.

UPDATE WIP: Last Sunday, I finished the story. Oh, I have ton of rewrites to do before I can even get to editing, but it’s a good feeling to have finished writing my 11th book and what will be my 9th published book. I think I have a title. When I began work on the book, I was going for a Hallmarkish type book and named it SANTA & THE BALLOT BOX. Well, as you know if you’ve read any of my books, they are real life, and I try not to give false information. For instance, I wanted my heroine to run for an office and have the election held at Christmas. When I researched, I found town elections take place in November. So I had to regroup. And as a result I’m ditching what I think is a super title, but not right for this book. (Maybe I can write one to fit that title next time.) Anyway, my current working title is COMPROMISE, or possible THE COMPROMISE. We’ll see how I feel as I do those rewrites. I will release this book next fall, because it does have a Christmas Festival as part of the story. 😊

GIVEAWAY NEWS: You may remember, I was going to send out my NEWSLETTER this week. I changed my mind because I’m doing a special GIVEAWAY at Fresh Fiction, and I’m giving a chance for folks to sign up for my Newsletter. The contest runs the whole month so winners won’t be announced until my April NEWSLETTER.  Here’s the link marsha west spring fling ( I’m giving away an e-copy and a signed print copy of SECOND ACT and a $10 Starbucks Gift Card. I hope you will check it out and also share with your friends. I’ve already seen an uptick in my followers on Twitter, FB, and my Newsletter.

BTW, Happy St. Patrick’s Day if you have even a little bit of Irish in you. According to, 6% of my DNA is Irish. I’ll definitely wear green on the 17th.

Are there ways you’re seeing signs of rebirth? I know for some of you, you’re still in the throes of winter. So sorry. If not with the weather and signs of spring, are you seeing other things that make you feel hopeful? What about ancestry? Are any of you Irish? As always, I love to hear from you.

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8 responses to “REBIRTH and GIVEAWAYS

  1. I worked on the flower pot garden this morning. Amazingly a number of plants survived the deep freeze. I cut off the dead tops ad there at the base were green leaves. An inspiration to keep on keeping on.


  2. Wonderful post, Marsha. I enjoyed hearing your great news. And isn’t it about time for great news?

    Things are looking up and I think a lot of it is due to the Covid vaccine. Congratulations also on your rough draft being complete! Again, great news!

    Our backyard is still covered with snow. The front gets the sun more and there is grass showing. It’s been a wonderful March so far. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, Susan. I bet our books still come out about the same time. You write much cleaner than I do. Rewrites and edits take me forever.:) Wow, I’m amazed you have spring in the front yard and winter in the back. I guess that an example of being grateful for small favors. Yes, thank God for the vaccine. And thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  3. Don’t the small signs of spring make you heart happy? Yes, I can tell through your words you are feeling good. Excited you’re getting your shots. My #2 will be March 19. GT just had his at the VA Hospital in Tampa. We spent 90 minutes for the #1 shot and just 40 minutes for #2. Progress, I’d say. I wish science could tell us how long these shots will be effective, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. Or maybe shorter or longer. I’m hoping it will be one shot every year like the flu shot. Yes, signs of spring in FL–azaleas are glorious, flowering trees that I have never noticed and have no idea of their names, birds singing really loud outside my bedroom window! Enjoy your kids. Lots of hugs and kisses for them, I’m sure. Congrats on your #11 book! Wow Wow Wow

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey, JQ. Oh, I bet you do have wonderful flowers bursting forth in FL. I actually say Bradford Pears blooming today. Glorious and so hopeful. So glad you’re gotten all your “jabs” to use Helena’s term. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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