Local Book Signing

This is almost all I’m focused on right now. I’m sooo excited. This will be the first in-person book event in over a year and a half. Several years ago, I reached out to a couple of our local bookstores and had book signings at two of them. Leaves Book & Tea Shop decided to actually carry several of my print books. So exciting to go in and see them on the shelves.

Make the pic larger and you can see VERMONT ESCAPE, TRUTH BE TOLD, & SECOND ACT, Book 1 The Second Chances Series
You’ve probably seen this on social media. I hope you’re sharing it. 🙂

The owner Tina Howard also hosted Sunday afternoons with local authors. I participated in one and visited for a fellow author’s event. It’s a sweet place, in one of our up and coming parts of south Fort Worth. There’s a lovely patio for use in the fall and spring. (I’m writing this on Tuesday, and we’ve been blessed with this nearly perfect day—high of 85 with soft breezes. The morning walk with Charley was delightful as was breakfast outside on our porch.)

Book signing at my church for print book of VERMONT ESCAPE.

You know that’s not our normal for this time of year. I’m back to walking at the mall to get my 10 K steps in. We’ve started waking up earlier in order to get Charley’s morning walk in without all of us melting.

in searching for pics for this post, I realized that over the years, I’ve done lots of book signings, and will share some pics of those.

In Dallas, you can just see the walker off to the side. I was recovering from a broken ankle. First banner.

Anyway, the Book Signing will be inside Sunday July 27 from 2 – 4 pm. I’m anxious about whether people will come or not, but I’ve learned book events are a little like campaign parties. Even if no one attends, you’ve gotten out the word about the candidate or in my case the author and her books. And the bookstore gets a nice plug. Of course, way more fun if folks come.

Getting fluffed up for the signing in my wonderful stylist Judi Perrotti’s shop.

Leaves has a large variety of hot and cold teas and yummy sweets to eat. I’m making those available for my fans.

Several years ago at Haltom City Public Library for the annual Valentines Celebration of romance authors. Missed this year and looking forward to 2022. Only 5 published books then, now I have 8. 🙂

I’ve been working on a selection to read from TAINTED. I love to read out loud but getting the timing right, the selection to fit the timing, and being sure the selection makes sense takes a bit of work. I’m getting close. I like to keep the reading to about 10-12 minutes. I’ve done longer ones, but for me, no matter how good the words or the reader, that’s about it.

Because of the pandemic, I didn’t order print copies until just a few months ago.

This morning I got the idea to ask Bob to video me reading the passage. Hopefully, l can then use it on social media. It probably won’t have the quality of sitting in front of the camera at home on the computer and reading, but it will do.

Right now, I’m torn between two stories: TAINTED set in Red River, NM (where we’re traveling in July, and where I’ll get to have another book signing in their library! So excited for that.) and COMPMROMISE set in the fictional town of Tidbury, New Hampshire. I’ve heard back from two of my three Beta Readers, and they liked the book! Thank you very much. They’ve also given me feedback on potential covers. Soon, we’ll have a Cover Reveal. I’m hoping to release COMPROMISE in October or early November. So, yeah, I’m hoping back and forth between two worlds with different characters.

Reading at the store where my daughter’s MIL works, J. McLaughlin. Thanks, Noni.

The June Newsletter went out last week, and I’d like to announce the winner of the June contest. Congrats to Jill Tatum. She has received an e-copy of SECOND ACT, Book 1 The Second Chances Series. 😊 The hero in this book was a supporting character in my first published book, VERMONT ESCAPE. It was the first time a character kind of took over. He wanted to be the hero. I promised him his own book if he’d back off. He did, and he makes a great hero in SECOND ACT.

I’m so grateful for all the folks who’ve supported me along this journey, not the least of whom is my husband, but lots of reader friends in person and on line and fellow authors. Thank you.

Okay, so question time. If you go to book signings, how long do you like the reading to be? Have you been to any book signings lately? Next week I’ll report on the event, and we’ll talk vacations. As always I love to hear from you.

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  1. Marsha, I am so happy for you. You sound totally thrilled and thrilled is great!! All the best to you in your writing and author endeavors. You are a success story!

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