Looking Back

Last week I mentioned I’d found some old posts that I wanted to share. I was searching for something else and just stumbled onto these earlier posts. The way I started blogging was by following other people’s blogs and finally getting the courage to post a response to their comments and question. What I discovered was I had a lot to say. LOL No surprise there, right? I have an opinion about almost everything. I started this blog in 2013 but because of changes in how this is set up, I’ve lost some of those, but lucky me, I have the content of the posts (no pics) before I set them up on the site. So below you’ll find pieces from several “oldies but goodies.”

From January 2014 Birthdays

I have one coming up next week. Not a special one, just another year older. Except in our family, every birthday is special. We sing “Happy Birthday” several times during the day to the celebrated person. Even the dogs join in. Well, they were more enthusiastic when they were younger.

Scout the Singer
SIMON, the reluctant singer

We’d sit in bed after we’d read the morning paper, and we’d “warm up” a bit. That meant I’d sing the song a couple of times holding out the last note as long as possible until Scout, our Jack Russell Terrier we inherited from our younger daughter—but that’s a story for another time, would join in. Scout was a good singer, coordinating her woofs to the timing of the song. Then Simon, our rescued, red, long-haired Chihuahua would join in usually toward the end. He’s not as musical as Scout. We’d call our daughters on the phone, and we’d all sing first thing in the morning. Made for a nice way to begin their special day.

When the girls were really young, we read A BIRTHDAY FOR FRANCIS by Russell Hoban. These are precious books about a little badger named Francis and her family. The stories always had songs that Francis sang. The story above is really about her little sister’s birthday. Francis goes shopping with her dad to get a present—a Chompo Bar. She has trouble resisting eating the candy, but ultimately does give the left–overs to her sister. As a result of the book, each birthday person in our family gets a “Chompo Bar” tied up with lovely curly ribbon as one of their gifts.

What kinds of things do you do to celebrate birthdays? Is it really a special day or is it glossed over? Is there one really special celebration you remember either as a child or an adult?

From June of 2014 Are You A List Maker?

I proudly proclaim that I am a list maker. It’s a coping mechanism I use to get through life.  I have a few attention issues. You should see the way I clean the house! Well, fortunately, you don’t have to see that. I’m blessed to have two lovely women come in every couple of weeks to keep us on an even keel. Professionals will tell you to do everything in one room and then move on. I tend to bounce around. I’m like one of those balls on a pinball machine: in the bedroom, to the study, to the kitchen, to the den, and back to the bedroom. Not efficient, I can tell you.

I do it some in my writing as you’ve just witnessed. 🙂 The point of this blog is supposed to be about making lists, especially the ones to help me get to Denver with everything I need for the RomCon conference. RomCon is a conference that focuses on readers, offering authors a chance to meet potential readers, and readers the chance to meet up face to face with an author whose book they’ve read.

Tuesday afternoon, late as I write this post, this is what my list looks like:

Try on everything that’s been washed to make sure it still fits 🙂 (You don’t want any surprises when you get there and are stuck!)

Press the clothes I’m taking (I washed everything last night) Current time. LOL I don’t press anything anymore!

Hang it in the closet arranged by day and time to wear. (Helps to keep from taking a ton of extra stuff.)

Charge up all the electrical stuff and put cords where they can get packed. (I’m taking the Nook, leaving the Kindle for DH. Need to put a couple other books on the Nook in case I finish reading the Linda Howard book I’m currently reading. Gosh, it’s been a while. I’d forgotten how good she is. The laptop, of course so I’ll be able to comment to folks who stop and visit here on the blog. Also packing a dinner knife so I can plug in my phone. I have this cool new cover for my phone with the TRUTH BE TOLD cover, but I can no longer easily insert the plug. A dinner knife lifts the edge enough I can slide the cord in properly. It will not be in the carry on for sure even though I have the fancy new Easy Check from TSA!)

Current Day. I actually still have the phone cover and my phone was so tiny. 5 X 2.5 compared to my current phone 6 ½ X 3 1/4. This is the old cover with the MuseItUp Logo on the top right.

On Thursday (today when you’re reading this) I’ll pack. Plane leaves at 1:50. DH will work from home in the morning, and before noon he’ll drive me to DFW. I’m meeting good friend and writer Jerrie Alexander at the gate.

Current Day: Jerrie still writes awesome romantic suspense books. Here’s where you can find her. Home • Jerrie Alexander, Author

While I don’t post things on FB when DH and I are out of town together, I will for this trip. So look for the pictures and comments.

I started this post with a question, “Are you a list maker?” Are you? Do you make plans to go on a trip? Or can you just keep everything up in your head?

I’d love to hear from you and look forward to seeing some of you in Denver at RomCon.

Current Day: I edited these a bit. Each post was quite lengthy.

I hope you enjoyed this look back. Were any of you followers back then? Do you have anything you always do for a birthday? Have any of you attended a Readers/Author conference before? As always, I’d love to hear from you.

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