So blessed to have spent 6 nights in Red River, New Mexico with part of our family. Because of Covid, we didn’t go last year, which made this even more wonderful and appreciated.

This trip was also especially fun because my most recent book, TAINTED, was set in this charming town. I got to have an in person book signing at the Red River Library, hosted by the Friends of the Library. Thanks so much, Georgia Owens, president of the Friends. As it turned out as it often times does in the mountains, we had big rainstorms, and the turnout was slight. (Thanks Laura, Kevin, and Sarah & Bob for being there and for helping get it set up. It was so cute as I read from the book to see my granddaughter’s Sarah huge smile when I mentioned the dog in the book named Charley, the name of our pup.)

Regardless of the rain, I had a great time meeting besides Georgia and her husband Mike, the super librarian Holly Fagan and one of their patrons, Pat Walls. I also got good promo from the event. The Miner, the town newsletter carried an article about me and my books, the printout of weekly activities listed me, and I handed out quite a few of my cards with pics of all my book covers.

Check out the 2 pm listing.
Short article in the Miner.

More important were all the special times with the family: eating, drinking, playing games, doing the ropes course (that was the younger folks. Bob and I took pics).

Our granddaughter is in the center. Our daughter is in green to her left.

And shopping. 🙂 I walked everywhere, one day getting 20 K steps! I also got to drive a bright blue golf cart all around town one day. I’d never driven an electric car before. It was soooo fun and wasn’t spoiled at all by the deluge of rain that came down, blowing open my front window. I couldn’t have been wetter if I’d jumped in a pool with my clothes on. What I learned was I don’t melt, and none of my electronics were harmed.

My SIL Kevin celebrated his birthday while we were there. Here’s his cake. Because of the altitude, the texture was a bit different, but still yummy.

The scenery is amazing. Check out this photo of the windmills I write about in TAINTED. So awesome.

You’ll be able to see more photos on the WORD BY WORD Blog tomorrow. Please check it out.

We had such a great time, before we left we booked a place for three weeks next summer. We’ve never stayed anywhere for that long. Red River is in the mountains over 9,000 feet and because of the altitude, you kind of miss the first day and a half of the trip while you try to get used to the change. We found a charming 2-bed cottage that takes Charley—that was the first requirement and secondly with all rooms on one floor. The condo where we’ve stayed the last several years has the two bedrooms up. The stairs get old, though it’s a great location near the ponds.

Have you gone on a trip this summer? How do you feel about traveling? Almost no one wore masks in Red River, but being vaccinated, we felt pretty safe. Now, we’re back home with the cases rising, I’m back to wearing the mask again. What about you?

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2 responses to “VACATION—Ahhh!

  1. Hi Marsha, Red River looks like such a wonderful place for a holiday. We’re only travelling in England this year. I’ve a trip to London planned, and then further south, to the countryside in Suffolk, which I don’t know at all and am looking forward to discovering. And we’re used to the rain on holiday here, wherever we go 🙂 Glad you had a good time and hope you came back refreshed.

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    • Hey, Helena. So glad you’re getting to travel. I know it’s been pretty restrictive in GB. I’m glad we got our trip in when we did. I’m really concerned about the fall trip to Maine with the virus ramping up the way it is. Please, everyone get the vaccination! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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