The Excitement Continues

Yesterday, Aug. 16, I visited Maggie Blackbird’s blog. She wanted to know where I write. It’s a great interview. I hope you’ll stop by. We can chat a bit.   

Saturday, August 21 I’ll be at Monkey & Dog Books for a book signing and hopefully book reading along with other authors celebrating Romance Bookstore Day. I’ll be there at 2 with all my books, chocolate, & pens. Please stop by. (Well, if you’re local. I don’t expect those of you spread all over the country or my friends in GB to come. LOL)

Progress continues with COMPROMISE. It’s just going slower than I’d hoped. Listening to the whole book read by the “computer guy” is not a speedy process, but it does get the job done. I’m amazed at the small things I’m still picking up. This is the second time I’ve listened to him. Boy I sure make it sound better when I read it aloud. 😊 When I finish, it will go to my editor for second and last look by her. Cover reveal will happen in the September Newsletter. I meant to do it this month, but the August newsletter has already sailed away. I’ll set it for Pre-Order the first of October. So watch for that.

So let’s talk about the weather. Is yours being weird? Either exceptionally warm for the season, or exceptionally cool, or exceptionally rainy? Now, I’m so not complaining, because we’re being unusually cool and rainy. It’s been raining for several days, and we never get rain in August. It’s amazing, and we’ve only had 6 days of 100 or more all summer long! Equally amazing and for which I say, “Thank you, God.” Heat really does me in and I’m not very nice to be around. So this summer has been a real blessing. Now I do confess to feeling a bit guilty for our incredible summer weather when you poor folks in the northwest and the northeast are baking. And frankly, it’s worse for y’all. Many of you don’t have AC. So I’m praying for you, especially that our lovely soft rains without lightening will make their way to help put out the fires in the northwest.

Sometimes, ducks will hang out under our dock during the rain.

In the meantime, I hope you’re staying safe and healthy as we continue to battle the Delta Variant. If you can get a vaccine, please do and when you’re out in the public, wear a mask, since Delta is sooo very contagious. (The CDC pays me no money for my opinion.) 😊  Thanks to all of you working in education. Hope this year is better than last.

Mostly now I wear a KN95 mask when I’m out in public. Not this one or the cute ones.

What you’re reading and what’s your weather like? As always, I love to hear from you.

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