To begin let’s take time to thank all those who have served in our military. My father served for 30 years before retiring from the Air Force. Time that included WWII in North Africa and Kore. During Viet Nam years, he was stationed in Thailand twice. We moved a lot. Daddy was deployed many places we couldn’t go so it was just Mom and me. I understand the affect men and women’s service has on their families. In reality the whole family serves. My heart aches for all those who went through multiple deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. That required extreme sacrifice. So thank you to all who’ve been willing to serve our country in this manner.

So, have you adjusted yet? I mean to the time change. Gosh this change is hard on me. The other one is easy. Everything has to be adjusted. We have to get up earlier so we can feed and walk Charley. That part’s not so bad. But Dinner time for him is now around 5 pm so we can get the walk in before darkness sets in. This just really compacts the day even with getting up early. I’m pledging to go to bed earlier, striving for that 7-8 hours a night. But it’s hard. However, I hear more sleep hours makes it easier to lose weight, and I’m all about that.

So this is a shorter post than usual. I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, and I’m sleep deprived. 🙂 But I really want to hear from you. Did you serve? Do you have family members who are or have served? How has the time change affected you? Are you for or against Daylight Saving Time?

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3 responses to “VETRANS DAY & TIME CHANGE

  1. My father served in WW2. He came back from Dunkirk, in a fishing boat That apparently was when Winston Churchill gave his famous speech. Without it he didn’t feel they’d have won the war. Everyone was so demoralized. It turned how they were feeling and gave them the courage/determination to carry on. He fought in France, Italy and the desert and he felt it was necessary but he never wanted to fight a war again. He was from England but said it had been destroyed by the war. He came to BC and decIded that would be the best place to live. I suspect my mother had something to do with that.

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  2. Thanks for your post, Marsha. You’re right, the families of the military also serve, and that’s something that’s often forgotten. When I was a child we lived near a RAF housing estate, and there were often children in my class who stayed a while and then had to move on. I often wondered what happened to them.
    I hope you catch up with your sleep this weekend!


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