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Over the next several months, you’ll be get a different one of my e-books for 99 Cents. I’m doing these through Authors XP (and during December Mrs. N’s NN Lights Book Bench as well.) This month TAINTED is on sale as the theme was family dramas on Author’s XP. I figured this book qualifies because: 1. We have the issue of the ex-husband’s arrest by the FBI; 2. The heroine leaves Fort Worth to spend the summer in her mother’s vacation home in Red River, NM; 3. Her daughter goes with her; 4. Her son continues to run the family business; 5. The hero’s daughter is also involved in the story. So, I count this as a family drama. 😊 Lots of authors have books on sale this month at this link. Book Sale: Family (

Now to Gardens. Those of you who follow my blog and/or Newsletter are used to me posting pics of the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Well, last Saturday was a gorgeous fall day in Fort Worth, and Bob and I went to our Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. Hadn’t been in years and the gardens did not disappoint. Recently the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens merged with Botanical Research Institute of Texas. A unique feature of our gardens is the Japanese Gardens section. We had a wonderful time, and that day, I walked almost 18,000 steps!  Boy were my feet tired. So here are some of the pics I took. Hope you enjoy. We will definitely return. (I may have to feature this in the next book.) Guess we’ll see.:)

L-the entrance with a moss lady. Next 3 are of the Stickwork display. We saw something like this in CT years ago. It is so cool.

L – R Japanese Gardens. What patience it took to put in all those lines. A Bonsai tree. Peaceful water.

L-R Hydrangeas not as spectacular as in Maine last month, still lovely. Beautiful waterwall. A last pic of the Stickswork with pumpkins.

Do you have a Botanical Gardens near where you live? How often do you get to go? Next Thursday will be Thanksgiving in the US, and I will have a very short post with Book Sale links. Figure everyone will be busy eating but probably will take time to catch a sale. 😊 Hope you get to spend the time with family and/or friends or as a friend of mine says, “framly.” If you’re traveling, be safe. We have so much for which to be thankful. Always love to hear from you.

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8 responses to “Book Sales & Gardens

  1. Really enjoy reading your articles. I hope everyone takes the time to read Tainted. It’s definitely family focused and quick moving . I’ve cought myself rereading parts of Tainted during my down time.

    I’m headed out on my first vacation in years, and headed somewhere I’ve never been before. Hope to take lots of pictures and share them with you.

    Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving. Charlotte

    On Thu, Nov 18, 2021, 3:42 AM Marsha R. West, Author wrote:

    > Marsha R. West posted: ” Over the next several months, you’ll be get a > different one of my e-books for 99 Cents. I’m doing these through Authors > XP (and during December Mrs. N’s NN Lights Book Bench as well.) This month > TAINTED is on sale as the theme was family dramas on Author” >

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    • Hey, Charlotte. Thanks for the kind words about TAINTED. I think you’ll love COPROMISE. Remember, it will be on sale for 99 Cents next month. Your Thanksgiving plans sound wonderful. Can’t wait to hear where you go. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


  2. That botanical garden is gorgeous! Love your photos. Yes, we have an absolutely stunning garden near us in Grand Rapids, MI. Frederick Meijer Gardens. It is soooo big, they have shuttles to the different areas. We haven’t been for a while, so I’m sure there are even more changes and new places. Another place we liked was Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. I interviewed the woman who is the VP there for my book for girls. I love how each garden puts on new gown for every season.Good luck with your sales this season!! Loved Tainted!

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    • Hey, JQ. Wow that must be one giant garden if you need shuttles to get around. Like parking at 6 Flags. LOL Love that you interviewed the VP for your book for girls which is sooo good. You are so good with words–“each garden puts on a new gown every season.” Spot on. So glad you enjoyed TAINTED. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  3. Love the photos from the botanical gardens, Marsha. I love to visit gardens, and there is a beautiful one near us, in North Yorkshire, called Harlow Carr. It’s stunning at any time of year. I’d planned to visit the famous Kew Garden in London earlier this year, but couldn’t make it because of covid restrictions. Hopefully next spring. Best of luck with your forthcoming promotions!

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    • Hey, Helena. I’m not surprised you have beautiful gardens near. The pics you share of the moors are stunning. Thanks for good wishes for the promotions. It makes me nuts keeping them all straight. LOL Thanks so much for stopping by.

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