Holidays & Hallmark

Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate the Season of Lights, which began last Sunday evening and runs through this Saturday evening. Jews remember the time the Temple oil burned for 8 days even though there wasn’t enough for that. One of God’s miracles. They celebrate with a gift every day, lots of yummy fried foods (in honor of the oil), play fun games, sing songs, and light a new candle every night. I confess to most of my knowledge of this holiday coming from Hallmark Movies and some general stuff I’ve learned at church and from a few Jewish friends.

Thank goodness Hallmark has come into the 21st century and become more inclusive with their stories and characters. It used to be lily white and Christian. Not to put down that world, I’m a part of that world, but our world is so much greater, and we need to celebrate all parts of that world.

Speaking of Hallmark, I’m taking a class from some of their folks Tuesday and Wednesday evening on how to write a Hallmark book for one of their movies. You remember I tried that already with COMPROMISE. It didn’t quite work out with the murder on page two. Also, I couldn’t fit the story into a two week or even month timeline. Hoping to learn how to do that in the class. I do confess, my dream would be to have one of my books end up as a Hallmark movie or Liftime or Netflix. When I write, the stories present themselves in movie form in my head. I’ll definitely let you know how the classes go.

The results of my 99 Cent sale for TAINTED were great, and I gained lots more reviews than I usually get. Mostly 5s and 4s with a few lower. (Because no one likes everything, and that’s okay.) You can look forward to the 99 Cent sale I’m doing with COMPROMISE this month and hopefully, I’ll see more reviews for that book, too. More info to come.

I’m a member of the of the WORD BY WORD Blog, a group of authors sharing inspirational and encouraging thoughts in our Sunday Blog posts. I sent out a bunch of invites on Facebook for folks to join because we can all use an uplifting positive thought now and again. But it occurred to me y’all might not follow me on Facebook, but you know I’d love for you to. In the meantime I want to highlight the link and encourage you to follow us. We write a variety of stories. Beside finding just the right words when you need them, you might discover a new author. We have two posts a week. One is the Sunday Lines and on Friday, we each write our own post. Hope to see some of you there. Please check out the link below.

Now, I’ve jumped right over Thanksgiving. But I hope you had a great holiday. We did.  We ended up inside because the wind was fierce from the north with a temperature of 55. Not conducive to an enjoyable meal, so we ate inside. All but one in our family have either had Covid or been vaccinated. We just threw the dice, hoping for the best. So far everyone is fine. I had such a good time, I got too busy to take pics except these two. Charley found a good place to escape the visitor Hazel.

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, you ate everything you wanted to and didn’t gain much weight. (Only 1 lb for me. That’s a win!) On WORD BY WORD Facebook Wednesdaym I asked when do you put up decorations? So when do you? Or are you like so many I’ve seen, and they’re up already? Love to hear from you.

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