Hamilton and the Deep Freeze

Sunday afternoon, we went to the Bass Hall to see Hamilton. We had purchased the tickets two years ago, and then the bottom fell out because of Covid. When we were rescheduled to 2022, it seemed like a long way off. And it was. We never guessed that at this point we’d still be dealing with Covid. To attend, audience members had to show proof of vaccination and their ID card and wear a mask. Very comforting policy for me.

Because it was so long ago, we didn’t remember how many tickets we got. The day before we found out we had two extra tickets and asked two church friends to accompany us. They were thrilled, and we were glad the tickets didn’t go to waste.

The Bass Hall is an amazing venue, and honestly anything you see there is going to be super. However, I cannot say enough good things about this incredible show. Last year we watched Hamilton on Disney on our computer when the show was canceled.  That was really good. Seeing the production in person at the Bass Hall—OMG It was brilliant from the individual cast members acting/singing to the ensemble’s very carefully choreographed movements to the set with the turntable stage in the middle to the costumes which very subtly changed with the time period of the story. The brilliance of Lin-Manuel Maranda to bring this piece to fruition is beyond amazing.

We had a fun personal connection. The young man playing King George (who did an awesome job) is the brother of one of Laura’s good friends from her performing days. Because of the connection, Sarah, our Girl Scout granddaughter, got to sell them GS cookies. Cast members ordered 60 boxes, and Laura, Kevin, and Sarah delivered those after the show.

The story is so timely in an amazing way. I wish everyone could see it. By the end I was crying so much I couldn’t cheer. All I could do was clap as hard and fast as possible. Fort Worth Audiences (and maybe all Texas audiences) are very appreciative and stand and cheer fairly commonly. This time felt different. Maybe because I couldn’t cheer like others. 😊 Anyway, I am so grateful to get to have gotten to see the performance with family and friends.

As I write this on Wednesday, everyone is this area is bracing for another sleet, ice, snow event. Schools have already announced they will be closed tomorrow. This is unusual to say the least. This storm stretches from here east all the way across the country. This will be our first experience of winter stuff falling from the sky this year.

But let me tell you, many of us have PTSD from last year’s iceygeddon that lasted for a week and for some people dragged on with no power or water for weeks and weeks. You may remember we took shelter with our daughter Kathryn. We had no power for almost a week. When we lose power, our commodes don’t work. For Christmas Kathryn gave me a porta-potty like you’d use camping. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. Now, the forecasters are assuring us this will be nothing like last year. It won’t get as cold as last year and will only last two days as opposed to 7 days of way below freezing temperatures. The Texas Governor has promised the electric grid will be fine this year. Hope he’s right, but no one can guarantee frozen limbs won’t fall on your power lines knocking you off the system.

I’m being optimistic and besides now I have my porta-potty. 😊

THE THEATRE will be on a 99 Cent sale Feb 13-19. Kelly Lawson, a New York TV actress, returns to Texas for the summer to star in her hometown’s local theatre’s summer musicals, choreographing, and directing. She’s appalled to discover someone is harassing the company’s gay actors, and it appears to be a Glenview police officer. Police Chief Josh Kincaid, the most recent of her mother’s selections to be Kelly’s love interest, investigates, causing upsets in town politics and falling under the actress’ spell. Can the theatre group survive under the attacks? Can they find a way to bring their worlds together? Will all their combined efforts be sufficient to keep Kelly alive?

This book is one of my spicier ones. If you don’t care for that, it’s pretty easy to skip over. (I’ve done that with some books that are more graphic with either sex or violence than I’m comfortable with.) I love this story with it’s connections to my and my daughter’s experiences in theatre. Kelly and Josh’s fathers both have Alzheimer’s. This is a complex story, and I believe you will enjoy it.

On February 11, you’ll be able to find me in person at the Haltom City Public Library. It will be lots of fun, books, chocolate, and belly dancers. (I will not be belly dancing, though I have taken lessons way long ago in the dark ages.) LOL

So, have you seen Hamilton? Is there any musical/play you’ve seen that has really moved you, had an impact on you? This one really brought home the value of live theatre. As always, I’d love to hear from you. Stay warm, y’all.

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8 responses to “Hamilton and the Deep Freeze

  1. Hi Marsha, Hamilton looks amazing. I’ve seen the Disney version, too. I’d planned to go and see it in London a few years back, but twice had to cancel for various reasons. Hope to get to see it some time. I hope all goes well for you in the coming winter blast. Take care x

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    • Hey, Helena. I’m glad you got to see Hamilton on Disney, but really hope you get to see it in person. Just a remarkable production. So far so good on the storm. Lots of ice and a bit of snow, super cold. It’s up to 23 degrees right now. Charley has only gone out a couple of times and Bob carried him both times. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


  2. I was lucky to see it on
    Disney. I don’t know that we will get a live performance up here but I’m stoked because they’ve just announced they’re bringing the immersive Van Gogh experience to Victoria this year.

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  3. Hello Marsha. Best wishes for your upcoming storm. Hope all goes well.

    I’ve never seen Hamilton. We haven’t gone to any theatre, concerts, etc. since Covid began. We will be soon. Glad you were able to go. I feel we need to start “living” again.

    Take care. Stay safe.

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    • Hey, Susan. Oh my goodness. I hope you get to see Hamilton sometime this year. It was incredible and you will love it so much. I felt very safe at the Bass Hall. Someone checked our ID and our shot records before letting us through the front door and everyone was masked. And they made sure we wore them the correct way. It was the safest place I’ve ever gone to in the last two-and-a-piece years. Safer than church. Certainly, safer than restaurants, though we don’t go to those if we can’t sit outside. I know y’al have been super cautious, but I highly recommend this show. We “weathered” the storm. 🙂 Lots of sleet and some snow. Super cold temps, wind chills in the single digits. Nothing for y’all. But thankfully, the sun is out today and while we’re still freezing, the sun is doing its thing. Believe we may be able to safely leave the house tomorrow. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂

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  4. Your words certainly convey your enthusiasm with the Hamilton show. I haven’t seen it, but I love live theater. We attended Nun-Sense at the Wagon Wheel Theater in Warsaw, Indiana. My niece and her husband are in charge of this non-profit theater that does so much for their region in Indiana. That show was hysterical. Many of their actors go on to Broadway in New York. I wish we lived closer. Hope your storm is passed now and the electric is still on!!!

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    • Hey, JQ. Yes, there’s nothing like live theatre. It used to bother me when I was involved doing it myself.. Everyone would spend so much time and effort and poof in a minute the experience was past. Ahh, but for that moment, it was magical. Thank your cousins for me. They are doing a service. We expect to get out on the roads today. The sun came out yesterday and even though it barely got above freezing, much of the ice has melted. Oh, there’s still a bunch on our lake & north facing side of the house, but our drive way is clear now. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you get to see Hamilton. 🙂


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