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First let me congratulate Karen Mercer who’s name I drew for the February Newsletter contest. She has received an e-book of TRUTH BE TOLD. Thanks to all of you who shared how you spend Valentines. Hope everyone got enough chocolate to hold you for a while. I surely did. LOL

Friday before Valentines I attended A Night of Romance at the Haltom City Public Library. What a fun event. Here’s the Instagram link to an interview of four of us authors: Jerrie Alexander, Jen Fitzgerald, Chrissy Szarek, & Me. Haltom City Public Library on Instagram: “Night of Romance author panel discussion.” Take a moment to watch. It’s pretty funny and we have a great time.

I have nine books out now, and it’s hard to display them well. I’ll have 10 when we do this in 2023. I’ve got to get some sort of stand to scrunch the books together.

Big Thanks to Belinda Capps for the wonderful Valentines Candy, cup , darling monkey, and card. It’s always great to see you.

Some of the authors brought baskets that readers had a chance to win. Melissa Cain won my basket that had 3 of my books: THRUTH BE TOLD, SCOND ACT, & COMPROMISE, a bottle of Chardonnay and two glasses, and a heart shaped box of chocolates. It was fun putting it together. Hope you enjoyed it, Melissa.

I have to say a giant thank you to Alison Long, the staff, and volunteers of the Haltom City Public Library who throw this event every year. We missed last year because of Covid, so it was super nice to get together this year. Every year the event gets better and better. Other authors there were: Mia London, CM DoPorto, Kimberly Packard, and Carolyn Rae, all members of NTRWA. We all write some form of romance. So fun to see folks in person since many of our meetings are on Zoom. Here’s a group pic with the authors and Lesley Storey.

THE THEATRE is on sale for 99 Cents through February 19. You can purchase it and you can also get a chance at a $75 Amazon Gift card by visiting and commenting at NN Lights Book Heaven. Here’s that link.

WIP: I’m right at 25 thousand words. Heading to 75 or 80. It’s coming along. Still no clue for a name. I call it Book 10. 😊

How many book signings have you attended? I confess until I became an author, I never went to one. I didn’t realize how much authors love to hear from readers. Attending a very large book event, I met Allison Brennan, a huge romantic suspense author. This will surprise you, but I was tongue tied. LOL As always, I love to hear from you.

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