Random Thoughts on an Icy Day

 We’ve got ice and sleet for the second time this month. I don’t have many pictures. Normally, when it freezes like this, waves crash on the dock and make ice sickles. But the lake is really low, so the waves aren’t crashing high enough. And we haven’t had any snow with this, just the icy rain and sleet. And you know, ice is just hard to see. Guess that’s why people slip on it or lose control of their car because they don’t realize ice is present.

Two weeks ago, I fell inside after taking Charley for a walk late on Thursday. I made it through the outside walk but didn’t realize I had ice on my boot. When I stepped off the rug, my boot went out from under me, and I fell backward, smacking my head on the floor. So hard it bounced. Yikes. It was scary. After I got up and staggered to the recliner, I babied my head with a pack of frozen peas. I also read up on concussions. While I had a touch of nausea, the Sprite took care of that quickly. I probably should’ve taken it easier for a day or so afterwards, but I didn’t. I never passed out and my pupils didn’t get huge. But it might have been a level one concussion. Probably had a touch of dizziness off and on. Just a touch. And that could have been allergies.

Anyway, I’m staying inside until this week’s ice has passed on. I didn’t even take Charley to walk. Just shoved him out the doggy door. He took care of his business and dashed back inside. Getting my 10 K steps are all happening inside!

Looking out the sliding door toward the dock. That’s the touch of turquoise you see.

Most of our north facing windows are glazed over, so we can’t easily look out. Wednesday morning, I had trouble opening the front door. It was frozen closed. After several strong tugs I got it to open. Good thing. Charley had decided to return to the house that way rather than his doggy door!

So far, we have heat and power. The fireplace is roaring, and my portable heater under the desk is keeping legs & feet warm. We are blessed.

One of his favorite places when it’s cold.

What’s going on in Ukraine is worrisome to say the least. What Putin is doing hasn’t been done in Europe since WWII. He’s invading another country. It doesn’t matter the people speak Russian. They live in Ukraine. I pray Putin will realize sooner rather than later that his actions will backfire on him. But I’m afraid many people may have to die first. Now Putin is threatening cyber-attacks against us! If you’re a praying person, please put this tangle on your list for a peaceful resolution.

I haven’t made it to my goal weight yet. I’ve gotten to within 1.2 pounds and then I go back up 2 pounds. It’s disappointing, but I remind myself I’ve maintained a 27-pound loss now for over a year and a half. I look better. I feel better. And I’m proud of my efforts. Real Appeal is a weight loss program similar to Noom (which I’ve done for over two years now). Real Appeal is moving away from its weekly coaching session to monthly one. The thinking is we’ve been at this 27-weeks and have instilled good habits to manage more on our own. I lost 5 pounds since adding Real Appeal to my Noom program. But I’m not sure I’d be ready to drop back to monthly meetings if I hadn’t already learned so much with Noom.

Both are super good programs, and while I called Real Appeal a weight loss program, it and Noom are really more about life-style changes. Anyone who’s ever been on a “diet” knows you can lose weight but keeping it off is the real trick. As soon as you go off the “diet,” those pounds pop right back when you go back to your old way of eating.

Everyone slips now and again. The key is to not let that get you down and you blow up the whole system. It’s like falling off a bike. You have to get right back on. I don’t freak about regaining those 27 pounds. That won’t happen. Yes, I’m a bit disappointed about not reaching my goal weight yet, but I’ll get there. Then the key will be staying there or a bit lower so I can enjoy the occasional splurge. Emphasis on the word “occasional.” LOL

WIP Update: I’ve cracked 25 thousand words. Had a stall out and had to go back and add in some stuff at the beginning. The opposite of my usual problem where I start the book too soon with all kinds of backstory. I rushed the story and realized I’d finish it at maybe 50 K, and I generally shoot for 75-80. Hope to spend a good part of today and Friday cranking out more words.

More is coming tomorrow.

TV weather shows me the ice, skeet, and snow flowing from here in Texas all across the east and northeast. I hope you are well, warm, and safe. What’s it’s like where you are? As always, I’d love to hear from you.

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2 responses to “Random Thoughts on an Icy Day

  1. Marsha, I’m so sorry you fell as a result of the ice. I hope you are healed by now. We received just short of 8 inches of snow on Tuesday. This snow will be with us until later in April. It just piles up on the last snowstorm. This morning it was -8 degrees regular temperature when I got up. Right now at noon, it is 4 degrees.

    As you mentioned in my post, Putin is following in Hitler’s footsteps and tRump is approving of Putin’s steps all the way. As far as I’m concerned tRump is a traitor. I feel incredible sorrow for the people of Ukraine and for their country. My prayers go out to them. 😦

    You look great in your photo. Congrats. on your weight loss.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, Susan. My goodness, you guys who live in the frozen north are hardy souls. I can’t imagine dealing with the cold and snow for soooo long. We’ve had two days of being house bound and I’m about to go stir crazy. Getting Charley out for a late walk was dicey. He’s been so good about this. Not one accident. His doggy door lets him get out into the grass.
      The Ukraine thing is beyond distressing. Praying for those brave people. Totally agree on the Putin Trump comments. Be safe and warm and thanks so very much for stopping by and commenting. 🙂


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