Storms Again!

It’s just the middle of April and already, we’ve had a lot of storms. Like every Monday and Tuesday for the last three weeks. Some of those have been severe for some folks. We’ve missed the worst of it, but still you go through the steps to get prepared.

  1. Gather all the electronics and all their corresponding cords. (And there are a lot of them.)

2. Email the latest version of the WIP to myself. It’s backed up on Carbonite, but still I try to send the doc with the most words. Those are hard won words. I don’t want to chance losing any of them.

3. Then I gather all of Charley’s meds, food, leashes, bowls, etc. (He goes in the closet with us.)

When Charley was younger and had a black mask. It’s mostly gray now. 🙂

4. Finally, I gather medicines and moisturizers. (You don’t think I look this good without a ton of help, do you? LOL)

As I get closer to the arrival of the storm, my stress level kicks up. I’d like to not have to do all the prep, but what if it gets us this time? You’ve seen the pics. People lose everything. The very lucky ones survive.

So yes, this is not my favorite time of the year. I’ve never written a book set during the spring. The current WIP may be the first. 🙂

I’m so grateful for the meteorologists and technology that keeps us informed and connected.

To turn to a happier subject. This is a time for many faiths to celebrate. Our Jewish friends have Passover, Muslims have Ramaden, and Christians Easter. I mentioned in my April Newsletter last week how cool I think it is that great faiths frequently share these holy days. I hope you have a blessed holiday; however, you celebrate.

Haven’t planted the new flowers yet, but they’ll look a lot like this.

Speaking of the April Newsletter, our winner of a e-copy of ACT OF BETRAYAL, Book 3 The Second Chances Series is Genie Rasprzak. Congratulations.

Next month there will be another GIVEAWAY in my Newsletter, and I’ll have another 99 Cent sale. Please stop by. If you’ve read any of my books, I hope you’ll leave a review. They are so important to spreading the news about an author’s books.

The top row are the stand-alones. The bottom row is the series.

On Saturday, April 23, I hope you’ll come visit the Worth the Wait Facebook page. Authors who write seasoned romance will have giveaways and lot so fun to share with you. I’ll be there. Come see me and meet some new authors.

How do you celebrate the holidays? With family? Attending worship services? Or not at all?

Oh, my goodness. I can’t believe I forgot this. Monday night Bob and I got our 2nd Pfizer Booster! What a breeze. Not until Tuesday afternoon, did my arm get a bit stiff. Gotta keep it moving. And no other symptoms. Are you getting the next one?

As always, I’d love to hear from you.

2 responses to “Storms Again!

  1. Good morning, Marsha! It’s good to have a preparation plan for storms. We are still getting snow. Actually, it’s snowing right now and is in the forecast four times in the next week.

    Wisconsin used to be in tornado alley. With global warming, we have read that it is now south of us and we are no longer on the path. I believe I’ve told you about when an EF3 tornado came through town. Everything on the outside of our house was wrecked and lots on the inside. Half of the houses were affected.

    Happy Easter to you and your family! Everyone will be here. 🙂

    Congrats on getting your second booster!

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    • Hey, Susan. Oh, my goodness. No I hadn’t heard about your tornado. I’m guessing y’all have basements. Not many people have them here in Texas. Interesting that Global warming had a good outcome for y’all. Gosh, still snowing! Wow! Have you ever thought about putting a tornado in one of your books? Glad y’all were okay. Thanks for the good wishes. We’ll all be at Laura’s. Easter is here holiday. Y’all have a wonderful time with your folks. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


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